Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Illegal busking artist at Orchard Road

While the public complained the busking artistes whose playing music and the related activities had spoiling Orchard Road’s high class atmospheres and nice scene, you still can see some ‘impromptu’ or hit and run china artist doing their art in Orchard road.
I found the Chinese rainbow calligraphy was quiet unique, but after met some real professional Chinese rainbow calligrapher from China and Hong Kong; I found that currently only fewer REAL Rainbow Calligrapher in Singapore, most of them, especially who’s doing events like dinner and dance and related events was fake rainbow calligrapher.One Senior and professional calligrapher friend from China told me that one of the most popular China families who doing rainbow calligraphy can dough figurine making, was totally fake artists and seriously spoilt the great quality and graceful name of their traditional China folk art.

But what happened was currently, this China family was the most demanded artistes in the market, because they were the cheapest artist in the industry, as what I heard from one event artist, their special packet for the event booking was every 10 event bookings will be giving 1 free service.

Besides quantity, who care about the quality?

One Shanghai friend told me, he realized too many event companies in Singapore was not interested the artist’s skills level but only interested on hiring the cheapest artist for their events, Due to the globalization nowadays, more and more guests able to differentiate how good of the artist’s skills level, more and more Caucasians when to china and they know what it good artwork and what is fake art pieces.
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