Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am fan of Fafi now!

I found Fafi's related website on the net after the report about her work for M.A.C in the newspaper few days ago. I found her work was great!Fafi, you are great and sexy!Wish one day I can have such photo with my models (like the picture below, Fafi having photographed with her models)! Haahaa!

The Pier & Robertson Walk

Do an event at Mohammed Sultan Road for Valentine special event, at The Pier. I was thinking that the place as my impression that I had viewed in few years ago, and surprisingly, it was having a big change!

Mohammed Sultan Road, not much different, but, walk further up, reached The Pier; the place behind this building was Robertson Walk, it was a very nice place I never noticed before! Ouch! I call myself an Entertainer, thought I was fail! Haahaa! Still got lots thing to learn and explore!

I really love this place so much! It was really nice and so Romantic especially in this Valentine!Romantic! Romantic musicians!The Pier & Robertson Walk, just along the river, the night scene was very beautiful as well!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caricature at Sentosa Cove, ONE’15 Marina Club

Did caricature pre-event for SUTL 40anniversarry dinner and dance at ONE’15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove. The guests were nicely dressed in difference costume based on their own theme as they like. It was very interesting to attend such part, many nice dresses and nice costume, of course having lots beautiful girls! Haahaa! All the guests was highly motivated, playful and friendly. I guess there should be about 40 plus tables (10perseon per table) in thei dinner! Big company’s dinner and dance!Before I go to Sentosa, I passing by Vivo City, found the latest lcon and graphic design of one of the famous branded cosmetics M.A.C. It was really nice, it was the drawing style I love! The character of the girls in the drawing is similar to what I always like to hightlight in my caricature!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Da Vinci Code?

I took this photo when I passing by Payer Lebar MRT station, the Singpost Building. This fountain looks like the scene in the movie of "Da Vinci Code" :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A1 size Caricature

Did a caricature based on the order in A1 size. I seldom draw a single person caricature in such a big size but I did drawn figure drawing in A1 or slightly bigger. Some people believed caricature drawing must done in marker pen, to me it doesn’t matter, as long as I complete the artwork which tried my best effort. My favorite media was crayon pencils, charcoal, chalk pastels. Any wet based color media was no so easy for my, unless I really have the mood to do it in a really free and long undisturbed time, but seems I hardly having such time presently. Haa haa!In United States having lots best caricaturist, US is a very big country, Singapore is a very small country compared to it, hence the market was very small, moreover, there was limited space for the development of caricature drawing. I do caricature drawing besides my hobby, for surviving as well, in my experiences, most of the client preferred looks like type, they cannot accept those drawing that pull their face in a real caricature like what we seen on the newspapers or magazines; these was the majority demands.

My competitors keep comment to their clients that my caricature was portrait instead of caricature, yet when they did the drawing for their clients; it was still in a portrait based! When there was small market, when more and more people came to join this trait, lost people will trying to talk bad behind each other, too bad! Some new comer claimed that they are the longest caricaturist in this industry, I just let them be. Because I believed everyone got their own style, they should challenge themselves instead of just to win. A real artist doing art is to make his/her art better and better in a higher level, those who doing art because just wanted to win, is a worker that just doing painting but do not understand art at all.

He is The Legend!

Passing by Orchard underpass that link to Marriot Hotel and Tangs Shopping Centre, saw this Street Artist who doing his singing performance. He is the longest busking artist (street artist) at this point since this underpass built! He is the first street artist in Singapore! He is the Legend! As an entertainer, I salute him!Basically, this underpass is the one of most crowded underpass in Singapore, other then people passing by, there were lots of other busker (street artist) like balloonist doing their stuffs there as well. Lots leaflet givers also like to be giving leaflet at this underpass.. I guess nowadays was more then 10 street artist who plat music and sing down the street and in the underpass.

Monday, February 11, 2008

City Square Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Yesterday sent my parents back to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, at the same time; I went JB City Square wto have a quick shopping which just next to the custom house exit to Singapore. I was too long stay in Singapore and did not go anywhere, now I found a big different in this shopping centre!
JB City Square was huge, I would say the area could be as big as Vivo City in Singapore (just personal feeling).The corridors of every floor were very big! I never ever find any shopping in Singapore having such big comfortable corridor! Maybe Singapore’s property was very high hence every space have to be fully made used. I never ever been Hong Kong, can’t compare it with Singapore but at least I found it here.Ah! Found a Singapore Tourism Promotion booth here!Almost every floor you can find restaurants, eating places, coffee stalls, not like most Singapore’s shopping mall, the food and beverages places were nicely arranged only I at the top floor or ground floor of the shopping mall.

I agreed such tactic that made the shopper “being forced to passing by every floor” then can reach their eating place but personally feel more interesting to see every floor got eating place could be more humanized, more comfortable, more freedom.

Imagine while you sit down and enjoying your food, you still can have your “eye shopping”! Instead of just seeing the whole floor was crowded with people who queuing for their food or viewing only food stalls.
Dinner and Dance/ Party/ Event entrance? Nope! It is an entrance to another portion of the shopping mall, the youngster’s area! Down there was selling lots youngster’s stuffs, something like Singapore’s Bugis Street, but much much more than that! Because this portion having more restaurants and eating places! That’s a lot more for the shopper to explore!I was very enjoying shopping inside City Square Johor Bahru but not enjoying the scene outside, which is the road next to it, the road to the custom house to Singapore because this road was always having traffic jam, especially on public holiday.Interesting motorcycles parking area just nest to the road.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Morning Scene of Clarke Quay

Yesterday morning passing by Clarke Quay to Audio House looking for some electrical stuffs, suddenly inspired by the morning quiet scene of Clarke Quay, I decided take some pictures. I found a different feeling about “the crowded and busy place that which in its resting time” and how does it looks like?
I decided to put this series pictures here instead in my another blog, because Clarke Quay is a hotspot of entertaining place which suit the content here.Mama’s Caribbean Bar was having cute props!I like the color scheme, the chairs, the design and the display.Nice angle isn’t it? Heehee!A clinic at Clarke Quay? Nope, it was a bar and dining place!! It was crowded at its operation hours during evening.A dramatically look corridor.Hooters Bar!!"Kill Bill" movie scene? Nope!It is "Forbiden City", a pub and dining place which is "Indochine"! A very dramatically design and setting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chinese New Year before Eve

People was busy doing last minute shopping for Chinese New Year celebrations, looks everyway which selling things was crowded with people.Anyway some stall was not crowd at all.Due to inflation, many thing prices was increased continuously, people will try their best to save money. A lot people will waiting for the last minute clearance sales.Ouch! My S$6.30 Kentucky fried chicken had been reduced size!
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