Monday, February 11, 2008

City Square Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Yesterday sent my parents back to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, at the same time; I went JB City Square wto have a quick shopping which just next to the custom house exit to Singapore. I was too long stay in Singapore and did not go anywhere, now I found a big different in this shopping centre!
JB City Square was huge, I would say the area could be as big as Vivo City in Singapore (just personal feeling).The corridors of every floor were very big! I never ever find any shopping in Singapore having such big comfortable corridor! Maybe Singapore’s property was very high hence every space have to be fully made used. I never ever been Hong Kong, can’t compare it with Singapore but at least I found it here.Ah! Found a Singapore Tourism Promotion booth here!Almost every floor you can find restaurants, eating places, coffee stalls, not like most Singapore’s shopping mall, the food and beverages places were nicely arranged only I at the top floor or ground floor of the shopping mall.

I agreed such tactic that made the shopper “being forced to passing by every floor” then can reach their eating place but personally feel more interesting to see every floor got eating place could be more humanized, more comfortable, more freedom.

Imagine while you sit down and enjoying your food, you still can have your “eye shopping”! Instead of just seeing the whole floor was crowded with people who queuing for their food or viewing only food stalls.
Dinner and Dance/ Party/ Event entrance? Nope! It is an entrance to another portion of the shopping mall, the youngster’s area! Down there was selling lots youngster’s stuffs, something like Singapore’s Bugis Street, but much much more than that! Because this portion having more restaurants and eating places! That’s a lot more for the shopper to explore!I was very enjoying shopping inside City Square Johor Bahru but not enjoying the scene outside, which is the road next to it, the road to the custom house to Singapore because this road was always having traffic jam, especially on public holiday.Interesting motorcycles parking area just nest to the road.
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