Monday, May 30, 2011

Orchard Road Scene

Passing by Orchard Road last Saturday and seen this men doing his performance. He had been doing it for more than 5 years in Orchard Road if I am not wrong.Seems his crowd was being attracted by the Percussion performance which just next to him.There are China artist doing portrait and Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy, do not seen any License from National Art Council, as I know local resident who do busking must have a valid license, but seems this guy having an exception.Orchard Central.Some interesting sculpture.My favorite Korean food for lunch at the food court in Concord Hotel (the ex Meridien Hotel);p

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick Portrait at Resort World Event

Did quick portrait sketch for NATAS dinner and dance last week.Quick portrait drawing was required to sketch the likeness of the guest being drawn as close as possible, but it will take longer time. Not like caricature drawing, you can't exaggerate the drawing.
Ivan & Lee Lee was doing their Wire Craft in the event.Had dinner which treated by Ivan & Lee Lee after our show ;p

Monday, May 23, 2011

Event at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa

Thought from ending of April to May was quite month for caricature booking due to Singapore's General Election 2011,. I managed to get a booking last week.Mr Yong was doing his Chinese Fan Calligraphy in the event.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dinner and Dance Pre-Event Activities Items

In Singapore, most of the dinner and dance which handle by event management companies, mostly having pre-events or fringe art activities before the arrived guests go in to the ballroom.

For dinner and dance pre-events or fringe art activities, common items presently including:
Airbrush temporary tattoo, Balloonist(while the event known having many children), Body Art (Glitter Tattoo, Henna painting, Face Painting), Caricature drawing, Caricature on Key Chain Shrink Art, Fortune Telling (Tarot Card, Poker Card Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Numerology, Face Reading, Indian Parrot Fortune Telling, Hand Writing Character Analysis), Fun Button Making (which either draw something or write the guests' name and make it on the round badges as souvenir), Hand Phone Glitters, Instant printing of Glamour Shot, Roving Close-up magician, Silhouette Cutting, Sue's Wax Hand Making, Wire Crafts to make the guests' names, Writing the guests names on the stone (Pebble Art), Mini T-Shirt Name writing using airbrush

Based on the theme, what I came across including:
- Chinese Theme/Shanghai Theme: Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Paper Cutting (mostly during Chinese New Year period), Rainbow Calligraphy, Chinese Calligraphy on Chinese Fans, Chinese Knotting Demo, Fortune Telling (Mostly palm reading or Face Reading), Chinese Dough Figurine Making Demo.

- Cultural Theme: Malay Ketupak making Demo, Malay Kite Making Demo, Indian's florist ring making for welcoming guests, Chinese cultural stuffs as per mentioned, Indian's Unique Fortune telling which the Fortune Card picking by Perot.

Quick Hairdo and Makeover could be one of the item especially in Retro Theme Dinner and Dance. It could be dancers or models roving around just to create some fun (all depend on client's budget allocation)

- For Casino Theme / Secret Agent Theme, there will be some game setting, either in-charge by the event staffs or by the costumed Models.

Some items rarely seen in pre-events or fringe art activities items that I ever came across including:
Stilt Walker, Fire Eater, Juggler, Snake Charmer, Roving Models or Costumed Models to serve drinks for the guests, "Rice Art" (which write the guests' name on the rise and then frame in a small container then bind to the key chain), Bean Art (using bean stick on about A5 size card or board to combine as a painting, and write some artistic words).

Sometimes we can see roving Guitarists playing music and songs, or stationary type of 3-4 Jazz Band around within the standard 1 hour dinner and dance pre-events or fringe art activities.

Varnishing Food
Pop Corn making on the spot booth is one of the items during dinner and dance pre-events or fringe art activities especially in "Movie Night" or Hollywood Night related Themes.

"Ting Ting" candy, Malt candy, Chinese Dragon Beard candy could be seen in the event as well. (Can be seen during Chinese New Year Event /Shanghai Theme/ Cultural Theme)

"Teh Tarik" and "Kacang Putih" which represent Indian culture or engaged under Movie Themes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caricature Shrink Art Key Chain

Did Caricature Shrink Art Key Chain at Swissotel for SMC's dinner and dance to night.William Lee's sister was doing pebble calligraphy in the event.Another fringe activity was Hand Phone Crystal Art in this event.
Thought all the guests sure had done their voting before they came to the dinner and dance in today's 7th May 2011, Singapore's General Election Day.

I just realized that down the street and many shopping mall and food court was having not much crowd, thought most of the resident was either stay at home, coffee shop or related venues to wait for the polling result which will be announced 10.00pm or later.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Live Caricature for Event

I do live caricature for event since 1990, our event booking and rate was based on hourly basis, hence we should be produce as many drawing within each hour's booking.My favorite medium for my caricature job was using wax pen or we called "China Graph" which belonging to crayon material.You can see my pencil box always having so many drawing pens, this is because I usually like to produce as many drawings within every hours' booking, which I need not do any shading of my drawing pens, hence I can produce about 20-25 drawings within an hour.

There are many caricaturists in the market using marker to do the drawing; I think nothing about good or bad, it depend on the how good the and how fast the drawing to be produce within the booking hours.

I would like to say, the technique in live drawing was very different from drawing in the studio.
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