Monday, June 30, 2008

Caricature session at Singapore Flyer

Did a caricature session at Singapore Flyer. That was great to meet the happy and friendly guests there although the weather was real hot, the group of the guests I drawn was mostly having strong and obvious face types that was very easy to draw; because sometimes it could be came across certain type of faces which was too common or too perfect like those portrait drawing books references model or sculpture, it add more difficulties to highlight their features.They also having 'Kich and Win' game for the guest, interesting games.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another day in the market

The Ang Mo Kio Market busy and crowded as usual, but some food had been increased their priced to 20 cents to 50cents due to inflation.
Past by the ‘salted-pointed-biscuit’ stall, bought this ‘you tiao’ (not ‘youtube’, haahaa!), 70 cents! No wonder no longer having long queue customers anymore.
One hawker told me that 7 July onwards will be some renovation on the floor on the hawker center, it takes 3 weeks to complete, so I need to think about where to have ne breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Some Photos

There were always crowded with peoples at the Cheng Shan Market and Cooked Food Center in Saturday and Sunday and public holidays. Usually at the morning and lunch time period periods, it was hard to get seat in such particular days.

Friend’s New Shop

More and more people wanted to do their own business and became boss now, one more friend had opened a shop that selling Myanmar souvenirs and dry foods. I wish him having a good business and all the best to him.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I AM Free on This Friday

Hmm…today got no Friday’s booking for event, so I just stay at home a do some housekeeping. Can’t remember how long I didn’t clean and tidy my house but finally I did it today!
Bought some sushi from NTUC market at Ang Mo Kio HUB, and treat as my dinner with my favorite ASAHI Draft beer!

I realized that Asahi draft was perfect drink the match with that Sushi or Japanese food. If you just purely dring Asahi beer, you will just felt it just a beer, but if you eat few pieces of sushi (must go with Japanese Kikoman Soy sauce) and drink this beer, you will immediately found the big different of this beer!

No wonder some food magazine was advice different food should go with different beverage. Life was very interesting! Heehee!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Private Function at The China Club

I was hired in a private event as roaming caricaturist; the venue was at one of my favorite working place, The China Club Singapore at Capital Tower! China Club at 52nd floor at Capital Tower, it was having a very nice view, which was the reason I love it, of course, the staffs in China Club was always very friendly and helpful, another reason.It was lucky I can see the sunset from this restaurant at the right time! It was really nice, real dramatic! Wish you are here as well, haahaa! How lucky that ste staffs whose working here!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family day at Bottle Tree Park Singapore

Did a family day event for Schering-Plough Family Day at Bottle Tree Park Singapore Yishun. The guests were very friendly and nice, I was very happy doing this show, the only unfortunately thing was it was a rainy day, so the place a bit muddy due to the rain.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Event Artistes’ Rules and Regulations

As an entertainer, one of the basic golden rules you need to follow was you never allowed late for a show. In an event, if your performance needs certain times to setting up your stuffs, you may need to encounter that, plus at least 15mins to show your face to the organizer, the best should be 30mins earlier.

The other golden rules, you do not asking for food after your show in the event! Usually lots events having buffet lunch or dinner, to the event organizer, they only catered for their guests, and they always not inclusive the entertainers.

Unless the event organizer asking you to join them, else I would never take any foods from the buffet tables, because it was seriously lower down our entertainer’s image and giving bad image to out clients.

Recently I came across a client complaint a caricaturist Mr. R had taken their buffet without permission; some more eat before their guest arrived! And then I came across another complaint from client that there were 2 artists Mr. L and the daughter Ms L was aggressively asking for food or just go direct to take the food and asking for beer or wine without and permission during the event running!

There was another guy Mr. D, after eating the food, sometimes he even asks the waiter to pack some food in the boxes or plastics bag for him to bring home! That was really terrible! Other than them, there were few more artists and entertainers were aggressively asking for food during the event and yet complained by the event organizers.

For some particular client, they will blaming the event company and deduct their pay! Eating the food catered by the event organizer was strictly prohibited in my view except they invited you.

Everybody like food and beer or wine, but as a professional, do not spoilt your own image, so usually I ate earlier before I go for my work; the most I only asking for soft drink during the event.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Acro Productions' Polate Studio

Attended Ming’s (aka Susie Wong)’s Pole dance Training Studio yesterday, there were more than hundreds guests came. That was great to see this famous lady Ming set up her own studio! She realliy talented person whose able to sing, mcee, cheoragraph, and be a professional pole dance trainer now!Ming’s style was real professional skill as we mention like real skill in martial art, you can usually hear the Kung fu Master talking about “Real Kung Fu” in movies. Haahaa!I just try to climb the pole, and realized that need lots hand power to carry your own weight! Seeing her doing was so easily, actually need lots strength! I salut to aa the professional pole dancers!Never forget about my fooood! My favourite “mishiam”!!!! and lots more nice food! Had grab the mishiam, fried chickens, eggs and many dished till my bowl looks like a mountain! Haahaa!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I drew Mr. President!

Waaahh! Received the photo from the official photographer Mr Sam Yeo from i2i Photography while I did a drawing for Mr. President last month at Singapore Flyer! After almost 18 years, event artist life, finally I am having a chance to take a picture with Mr. President of Singapore, President S.R. Nathan! Every artist got chance taking photo with the president of course, but to me, it was a really great experience and memory in my whole life!

Caricature for Sony Event

It happened that I have a chance doing a roaming caricature for Sony’s gala dinner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It was a very high class and a formal event; I had been asked to dress in costume accordingly!See! My colleagues also in serious attired!There was a great belly dancer, Belinda performance a solid belly dance session!The best thing was met my acrobatic friends also performing there! Yeh!Seriously, they are my friends, not anyhow say one ok!I got not much hair now! Ops! But I got friends to enjoy dinner with me! No friends to have dinner with you? Pity you, go some kinds of “lorong” also can’t have real fun men!

Opening a new Portrait + Caricature Shop at FAR EAST PLAZA

I had been asked many times recently by a very enthusiastic friend that just back from Tokyo to became one of his partner for his portrait + caricature chain shop in one of his branch at FAR EAST PLAZA!

I wondering are you sure this industry really so good? Because every artists have their own style, no way to cover by other artist, because art piece was very unique thing, can’t get other people to draw for you and then you just sign your name, client could found that the artwork was not done by you! He keep mentioned that there’s a way……Ok, let me wait for his opinion to see what will happen and what I can do.

In my view, doing art was not easy in Singapore, because usually local people was more appreciate overseas artist’s art.

I ever heard one senior art event manager’s complaining: “Lots local artists was too stubborn, foreign artists was much creative and talented!”

I think, most artist here was emphasized their personal benefit, an I agreed the art was very personal thing, so it was not easy to form some sort of organization like like the state.

Birthday Party

Did a children birthday party at east coast road, The Bay shore Condo. I am not first time doing caricature for children party in my 18 years’ event artist life, not first time doing event in condo, so I would not taking too much photos, only first timer and un-experience caricaturist will taking lots photo while doing event.In this show I met balloonist and face painter, all my old friends there; that was a happy job for me.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two hands

Am I the only ambidextrous artist in Singapore for the time being? Yup, I am the only ambidextrous caricaturist, the person who using both hands to draw in Singapore so far.
I am not the only ambidextrous who doing art in Singapore, see this guy, he is a Singaporean, I know him few years ago. He uses two hands to do his calligraphy as well!
I am not the only “Jumper”, there are someone else, hope won’t meet Samuel L.Jackson who like to kill the Jumper in the “Jumper” movie, haahaa!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roaming Event Artist

In some event, some artist required roaming or mobile around to do their performance to entertain the guest, caricaturist and silhouette artist wan unable to avoid it! I even did a roaming palm reading as a fortune teller in an event before!

In my 14 years event artist experiences, I realized one the number 101 thing must be do it nicely, which is the posture while you doing the drawing or silhouette cutting or reading the fortune of the guests: You must be always standing in a nice way, do not hunch your back especially, do not believe you are so great that everyone always give way to you; like if you are in the restaurants, sometimes some people just passing by between you the guests you being entertained; worst still, some waiter/waitress might even accidentally hit you and pour the drinks on you shirt!

Hence, being a roaming entertainer, you might need to always taking care the surrounding environment while you doing your job. That’s not easy, and it needs to spend more energy to pay some attention on it.

I would say, not much caricaturist or silhouette artist willing to roam around to entertain the guests; because it was quiet difficult to handle the environment while you spent your energy and time in the drawing or cutting the silhouette, hence, it could be quiet tiresome; moreover, it could be reduced your quality of drawing or performance it you re not use to it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Met Superheroes

Did an Animax event at Vivocity today, met some Superheroes!
Met Spiderman! He is the guy I mentioned about in my previous post.Wow!Wish she is my girfriend! She's superheros' girlfriend unfortunately.Spiderman &m mini Spiderman!Mai-yaheee..mai-yahooo..Balloonist Lulu.Starwar guys!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just for fun

When I checking the pimple on my forehead today, suddenly I got an idea!
I found that few special peoples I known, was having unique forehead and hair style, so I just try to put in some rank and just for some fun!

Hmmmm..seems the pimples on my forehead became the “ideas pop-up from my brain” haahaa! And didn't know this time I anyhow draw also looks like the person being drawn! Hia Hia!

This guy, is the best, he definitely belonging rank 1 !!!

This guy work extremely hard recent months, he jumped to Rank 2 !!!

This guy should be in Rank 3!!!

Of course I should be the next….
OUCH!!! Oh! No! Didn't know he is the next...

And following by these guys!

….oucchi! Am I belonging to rank 99999? Haahaa!
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