Thursday, June 19, 2008

Acro Productions' Polate Studio

Attended Ming’s (aka Susie Wong)’s Pole dance Training Studio yesterday, there were more than hundreds guests came. That was great to see this famous lady Ming set up her own studio! She realliy talented person whose able to sing, mcee, cheoragraph, and be a professional pole dance trainer now!Ming’s style was real professional skill as we mention like real skill in martial art, you can usually hear the Kung fu Master talking about “Real Kung Fu” in movies. Haahaa!I just try to climb the pole, and realized that need lots hand power to carry your own weight! Seeing her doing was so easily, actually need lots strength! I salut to aa the professional pole dancers!Never forget about my fooood! My favourite “mishiam”!!!! and lots more nice food! Had grab the mishiam, fried chickens, eggs and many dished till my bowl looks like a mountain! Haahaa!

1 comment:

Suzie Wong said...

Wah welles, you beat me to it, i haven't even blog yet you already put pictures liao...hahaha, you really super ON blogger...again I owe you one, pls call me when you in bugis will buy you more mee siam ok?

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