Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Event Artist’s Job Volume

According the latest news, the world’s economy starting recovered from the previous’ economy crisis, thus in our events and entertainment industry was picking up as well.

Due to the economy’s crisis plus the H1N1 incidents, the market really quiet, many entertainers do not have much event booking, this is not a surprise due to our past experience of the SARS incident between the months of November 2002 and July 2003; in such circumstances, event entertainer’s booking definitely not much.

Usually due to such circumstances, you can see some new comers was anxiously asking around why they can’t get more job, I would say this is because they do not see what happen to the big environment, they did not understand the peak and down period of the event industry in Singapore as well, of course this is because due to they are too new and inexperienced.

The new entertainers starting suspect their competitors had been undercut them and they were trying hard to find out what was happening on their competitors.

In my experience, once the market down, all the entertainers will facing the same poor booking problem altogether, nothing about who is under cutting who (unless those really do so).

Technically, it was much tougher to gain more jobs in this industry whether you are part timer or full timer due to same type of entertainers was growing and had been crowded in the current market.

For example, in 1993, caricaturist who’s in the market including Einstein (the pioneer caricaturist in Singapore) from Norway, Eric Ng, Desmond Ng Cheng Eng, Saik, Chong Jit Leong and few more people.

In 2009 today, they are more than 28 caricaturist in the market including Kamal Dollah and his wife Roushi Ye (also known as Singapore Florism Artist),
Reggie Wan, William Lee,
Zaki and his brother Yunos,

Mat Tokang, Belle Kwan, Diana Lim,Mulan Tay,

new China immigrant Luo Yong, Luo Yong’s Father Luo Rui Lin,
mother Niu Quan Lian and Luo Yong's Husband Mr Liu who is a researcher in NUS,

Guinness’ World record of fastest caricaturist Peter Zhou (known professionally as Peter Draw), Wilson Lee, Shawn,
Oh Thiam Huat and his brother, Pak Ah Bee,

Joyce, Daniel Lim, Rizal Wahab, Arthority,
Hafiz Abdullah, Mohamed Izwandy,
, Rohani, Noor Rahman Saini, dancerene and etc.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Work in a Special Place

Time flies as arrow, the F1 event had been over. That was a great experience to work inside the F1 circuit‘s walkabout event area.

Within these 3 days, the most challenging things were the very warm whether and the roaring of the racing cars to me, so to many entertainers and the related work forces.

As a caricaturist, I need to spend more energy to concentrate to draw the guests in this warm whether as well as having distracted by the strong roaring sound by the racing cars.

While the racing cars passing by, you can’t hear any voice or sounds besides the roaring of the engines, due to some performances was on going in different stages like belly dancers, singers etc, they could be having a hard time to catching be their dancing and music rhythms.Anyway, seems everyone enjoy the atmosphere being in the F1 racing area.

Many people was try to go in the racing track to take some photos after the ending of the race in the last day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Final

Just know that Hamilton is the champion in this year’s 2009 F1 Singapore Grand Prix.Today still a very hot and warm day, but I felt slightly better than yesterday; maybe I get use to it.These two ‘Big Boobs’ lady stilt walker very cute and had been attracted many people taking photos of them. I found the design of their outlook was really simple but creative yet it create the cute visual fun and very original design, those friendly look was really felt comfortable and definitely won’t made your baby cry after seeing them!They was the starting of the concert by ‘Backstreet Boy’ after the completion of the car racing, it really attracted big crowd.
Hmmm.. is is the youngster’s ‘Getai’! Haahaa!Great to see some foreign busker down the street while on the way back home.
They really look professional, nice and original, thought as an entertainer, we really need to put more effort on improving our image.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Esplanade

That was very interesting to found this angle of Esplanade looks like the ant’s head.Other photos of Esplanade.

F1 Event Day 2

That was real hot and warm day today, everybody fell like melting; hopefully not rain on the third also the last day for the F1 night race Singapore, because recently years you will face the raining day after few days’ hot and warm day in Singapore.LG’s Race Queen!Very beautiful!Thought they are the sexiest!Belly dance is one of the performances in this event.Airbrush tattoo was having long queue!Just took a photo with guest.Yup! We always having long queue.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caricature in F1 Event

Yahoo! I got the chance to do caricature in the F1 event! Yeah! That was really exited to me!One of my young guest.Got chance to take picture with race queens! Wahoo!!!Viewing the race! Real nice scene as well!Took this Chicken at the hawker centre just next to Esplanade, really nice! I love it a lot.Great to met one of my professional artist /dancer friend Sheena and her dance teams in the event.My event pass.This is a must have item for the event!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

F1 Night Race Singapore

F1 Night Race was start tomorrow till Sunday, thought the government was arranged many entertainments since last week from 18 Sept to make the event more exciting. You can see every where was having advertisements and signboard about F1 event down the street.There are many concerts, fashion shows and art performances happening in various places besides the F1 Night Race itself.This is the casino building I took last year, according the news, it will be completed during next year’s Chinese New Year period, thought in next years’ F1 will be even more interesting because of the completion of the new IR of Singapore!

Birthday Party

Just did a birthday party last week and glad to met Alex the Magic Clown in the event.I have a piece of birthday cake sent be the birthday girl! Heehee!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a Day

Went Bras Basah buy some stationary and papers today. Saw this nice fashion design display while I passing by Raffles City Shopping Centre.This signboard reminded me the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival is coming.There is some promotion outside the shopping centre.The Carlton Hotel new extension building has almost done.My ‘Bak Kut Teh’ lunch, don’t bother whether it belonging to Malaysian or Singaporean food, as long as it tasted nice to me is the great food ;pAnother of my favourite food: Pork Leg at the coffee shop just next to Eunos MRT.Ops! Seems I ate a lot of high cholesterol food today. Heehee!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Import Night 2009

I felt great to went Super Import Night 2009 (SIN 2009) at expo exhibition hall today! KT So, Lisa Kim Fleming, Jenny Chu and Helen Su from United State!Models from Thailand.and this year got models from Taiwan!This is very me! Hia hia hia!Wish I have all these!There are lot more car show models you can't miss ;pThought she is the hottest in the show so far ;pThought she has a best and sexiest tatto as well! Everyone love her tatto!Hm...those underage, or have a super jealous wife or girl friend, you are not advisable to be here! Heehee!
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