Friday, December 21, 2018

Fortune Telling for Event

Did palm and face reading for and event at Lantern, Fullerton Bay Hotel.

During event, my reading mainly on the character telling and always on the positive side and the reading usually about 5 minutes per guests, it depend on the crowd.

2 hands Caricature at Asian Civilisation Museum for Private Party

Just did another event at Asian Civilization Museum weeks ago.
As long as sit and draw, I will be able to use my both hand to do the caricature for the guests.

My principal of doing event was: produce as many drawing as possible within the booking hour and I demand to maintain the best quality as I can within a limited time frame, I always color the hair as well while many artists only draw the hair in outline only ;p

Roving Caricature for SGX Bull Charge Charity Run 2018

That was great to do roving caricature the SGX Bull rCharge Charity Run 2018 under event company's arrangement.
Met many nice guests in the event ;p
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