Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doing blog with new friends!

That's great to meet some new friends and show them my blog. They was starting their blog soon. My new friend are: Mr Ding Liang (Boss), Mr Athur (Boss), Mr James Tan (Boss, having “MBA” in his name card!) Hmm…..it was a story about “An entertainer who meeting bosses” haahaa! Their very first had been built: topbrandedwatch.blogspot.com the text and related information going to put in soon, hope they enjoy the fun of doing blog.

A Singapore Professional Pole Dancer’s blog

Came across this Singapore Professional Pole Dancer. ’s blog. It was interesting.

Laguna Green Condo, birthday party

Went Laguna Green Condo for a birthday party, the places was really nice. When I stand and look around, I felt I was standing in Europe or western country's housing area, as dramatic as a movie scene.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Palm Reading & Face Reading at Marroitt Hotel Singapore

It's great to do a fortune telling for one of IBM's event at The Marriott Hotel Singapore. There also a Tarrot Card Reader and a Chinese Horoscope Fortune teller next to me.Lot of guests like our reading ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suntec City

Done caricature pre-event for Usana Kick-off Dinner & Dance 2008 at Suntec City.

At the ground floor, there is a very nice food court, named "Food Republic", is having varoius food stalls, like Chinese food, Japanese food, Malay food, Indian food ...yum yum!A book shelfs with many books? Nope, just a wall paper, but it looks realistic in first lookWhich way to go? A special shopping corridor design.Nice "Andrew's Tie" and very nice display as well, I would like to have one!One of the building next to Suntec City was Marina Square Shopping, which next to Marina Manderin Hotel as well, this is a new look of it!!! Wow, amazing!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Female Entertainer, Singer, Performer

Saw this advertisement about the Chinese New Year promotion events in a shopping centre. They invited Donna Daniels be one of their event s entertainers. Donna Daniels was performed many years in Singapore, I can’t remember when I noticed her performance, but definitely she was a very experienced and very talented expert entertainer from Australia. She really can sing different kinds of local dialect song. She’s friendly person to each other entertainer as well, not like some entertainer was differentiate their level with us (me), the lower level pre-dinner entertainer.
The other very very talented female Singapore entertainer I known was Ming, which was also known as "Susie Wong". She was excellent entertainer and friendly as well, everytime She saw me, sure will say hello to me, I felt proud to talk to those very talented and friendly artistes.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Le Meridien Hotel

Tonite's show at Le Meridien Hotel for Titan, an shipping company's dinner & dance.MUST EAT THIS!!!!...if passing Le Meridien Hotel during lunch or dinner time,I must go to the food court at the basement of the hotel and eat this Korean Chicken Set, the shop is "Kim Dae Mun", the best Korean Chicken Set I ever came across in food court so far.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caricature at Sentosa, Stryker ISM 2008 Party

Went Sentosa doing caricature for Stryker's event, there was guess from international, and met Cyril Lim the emcee, 1st person I met in the event, he is one of my friendly "collegue" (I know I just a small fly...heehee!). It was a very big show. Meet lot entertainers’ friends in this event, that was very great things.One of my "collegue" Snake Chamer Sibu Miya.Met nother "collegues" Diana and PoonVery beautiful manicure specialist just next to out table, best!!Wanna draw you in Bikini? I am the best artist in drawing Bikini!!!And some beautiful dancers 'collegues' performing, lead by my funk dance teacher (few year ago) Miss Nor Dee dee!.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Girlfriend?

Ahhhh! Nice babe!!! Unfortunately, not my girlfriend, just dreaming only. This photo get from the Mongolian contortionist's website. Hee hee!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Met Khairi and friends - The Guitarist and Singers

That was great to meet Khairi’s team --"d'Easton Ritma" performing in the police dinner & dance at Meritus Mandarin Hotel. I know them at least 7years and longer; that time I still got hair, 7 years later, I became no more hair. Haahaa!Passing by orchard road, saw a Mongolian Acrobats performing in front Takashimaya Shopping Centre.
Orchard Road MRT new entrance/exit was openning today (15 Jan Tuesday), the old entrance/exit was permanent closed.I like the aqua blue color of it.Painted dustbin

Monday, January 14, 2008

Different Day, Different Artist

This is a hot point in front Ang Mo Kio Central, the space infront Mac Donald. There are many different street artist performing there.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Events of Civil Defence Emergency Preparedness Day

There was an event at the old bus interchange opposite Kovan Community Centre today.There was a singer performance.Wish I got time to enjoy the drawing like these childrens.May's popcorn and candy frost always porpular!My favorite pork legs!! Eat first; don’t think about the cholesterol… heehee! $3.50 only inclusive rice.The Singapore New Born Water

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wax Hand Artist

Met Sue, the wax hand artist who do hand shape for dinner & dance and selling at various shopping centre using wax.

The Pan Pacific Hotel's Event

Did a roaming caricature for Oilpods.com’s new year event at The Pan Pacific Hotel. There were 3 different company’s New Year events at the same floor. Met Syria and Eddie Singh, both of them are popular emcee in Singapore, both of them always very friendly to me, they had been in this industry many years as well. A guitarist is singing at the next ballroom of our event. He is a professional.The field opposite Esplanade, near Padang, had parked some “Entertainer” stuffs, guess it was preparing for Chinese New Year bazaars.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cheap Breakfast and Expensive Dinner

$1.80 Nasi Lemak + $0.80 Kopi "Siew Dai" for my breakfast at HDB flats coffee shop;
and my $5.00 dinner at Raffles City food court exclusive drink. Big different with the price but not much different from the quantity and qualitiy of the food.

Caricature at Carlton Hotel

Did caricature for Carlton Hotel's pre-event.I always like the Safari designed pub inside the hotel, but not chance to have a drink there.Nice decorations!My 2nd time met "The Colourful Faces Studio" doing their event glamorous shot.
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