Monday, May 31, 2010

Block Party at Serangoon

Did caricature at Serangoon last Sunday.
Jeremy Tan was doing his magic on the stage.Beautiful singer Cerlyn was performing.Met Patrick, the first Ventriloquist in Singapore doing his performance in this event, I unable to take his photo due to I am busy working (drawing the guests in the event) :p

I think Patrick's performance was great and he able to sing many songs like Cantonese song, mandarin, English and etc.

(Ventriloquism is an act of deception in which a person (ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just some food I ate recently

Great Chicken Rice meal with friends!Very nice Sambal Kangkong!"Ku Low Yok" rice(咕噜肉)Just Indian fried Chicken with Nasi Bryani.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Event at Marina Bay Sand

Did shrink art caricature at Expo & Convention Hall of Marina Bay Sand last week.This is my second time doing event down here. I found that the ballroom corridor was real long, no lift to go up to go the particular ballroom, the event I did was at the ballroom of the end of the corridor! So I got to take a long walk to the ballroom! Ouchi! Ivan & Lee Lee was doint their Mini T-Shirt Airbrush in this event.Shela was doing Handphone Crystal.My shrink art before the shrink process!
Although my face looks like illegal foreign worker(非法外劳)that swim to Singapore, but unfortunately I still have to pay S$100 levy to go into the Casino, whether at Marina Bay Sand Casino or Resort World Casino. Ouchi!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blogger's Event

Super cool that I had arranged by an event company to do caricature drawing for a blogger's event at Demsey Hill!Met so many very beautiful , stylo and famous female blogger in this event! Heehee!One of my drawing ;p

Monday, May 17, 2010

Interesting Art and Craft Blog

Came across a small article about a reader's art and craft, I found her artwork was very interesting.Checked her blog, found many interesting art and crafts stuffs as well, maybe event companies interested on her art as well. See this blog of Zenus Ee.:

Another art for pre-events activities I came across is wooden shoes painting, which do the florist or design painting on the wooden shoes or canvas made shoes and give it to the guests as souvenir.It was done by Zai, see:

Went to a friend's house and given by his friend's friends (a bit complex, haahaa) found this aluminium can art. I think this item only suitable for family days type, not for dinner and dance.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Caricature at Conrad Hotel

Happily did caricature for an event at Conrad Hotel,because all the guests I met in the event was very nice people.I was did the caricature for the guests in a roving way while many guests was too shy to come to me.
Paul ( was doing tarot reading reading in the event.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Event at Oosh Bar

Did shrink art caricature for a private event. This time I do not need to do roaming, because shrink art caricature can't do in such way.Great to met Padam doing caricature in the same event!Sue was doing wax hand.Caricature on shrink art transparency done by me, artwork shrinking process done by Shela's colleague.My artworks ;p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Super favourite Curry!

While any time I passing by Tanjong Pagar area, I will try to go to the food court that link to The Amara Hotel to eat this Curry, the stall was named "Nam Nam Curry".Yeah! My Super Curry!I love all their port,chicken,fisg and vegetables curry, but their mutton is my most favorite! Usually i will take out the mutton and put on my plate first instead remain it in the bowl.To me, the spicy level of their curry just nice, of course I like event more spicy, but the current me unable to take those super spicy; maybe I am getting older already ;p

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roving Caricature

Did a roving caricature drawing in a restaurant for mother’s day special, it was great that this job was running smoothly and so far so good.

Talking about roving caricature, it looks like an easy job due to you has a freedom to walk around, doesn’t mean you can cheat (because the organizer always put their eyes on you), there are many things you need to pay serious attentions.

Thought working in a very crowded place is one of the most difficult roving job, like restaurant or ballroom, there are many people walking around, you need to beware not blocking people who passing by, not blocking the waiter/waitress serving their guests; the guest being drawn by you could be move about often, the lighting of the working place and all sorts of distortion.

You need to know how to handle the above mentioned stuffs and then you will be able to proceed to draw the caricature, lots artists might not like to do such roving job.

Anyway, I think it might not that difficult to do roving caricature job, but it need experiences and patients to do so.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Queued Rojak!

When food court at the basement of Toa Payoh HDB, and took this long queued rojak!This store was existing before the revamp of this food court, I remember during that time all the customer have to take a queue number due to too long queue for buying their rojak.I think people like their rojak because they make it in a different way.Certified by various media! Don't play play ;p

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fake Disability Busking Artist from China

Thought I wasn't go Orchard Road for a long time, that was a big surprise that saw this China "Pi Pa" China lady sitting on the Special Vehicle for disable people!In my memory, this China lady was doing her music instrument for few years in the underpass junction area at Tangs shopping center. Maybe due to the big revamp of Orchard road, she have to do her busking on the street instead of in the underpass.

What I super surprised, she was a healthy person and I met her in the event once and she really no healthy problem at all. While I saw her in last Sunday night, I got 2 conclusions: She tried to be fake as disability artist so can gain more income, or she really had some illness.

Opps! After read yesterday's "Shin Ming Daily News"(新明晚报), proofed she is faking as a disability people!
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