Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roving Caricature

Did a roving caricature drawing in a restaurant for mother’s day special, it was great that this job was running smoothly and so far so good.

Talking about roving caricature, it looks like an easy job due to you has a freedom to walk around, doesn’t mean you can cheat (because the organizer always put their eyes on you), there are many things you need to pay serious attentions.

Thought working in a very crowded place is one of the most difficult roving job, like restaurant or ballroom, there are many people walking around, you need to beware not blocking people who passing by, not blocking the waiter/waitress serving their guests; the guest being drawn by you could be move about often, the lighting of the working place and all sorts of distortion.

You need to know how to handle the above mentioned stuffs and then you will be able to proceed to draw the caricature, lots artists might not like to do such roving job.

Anyway, I think it might not that difficult to do roving caricature job, but it need experiences and patients to do so.

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