Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fake Disability Busking Artist from China

Thought I wasn't go Orchard Road for a long time, that was a big surprise that saw this China "Pi Pa" China lady sitting on the Special Vehicle for disable people!In my memory, this China lady was doing her music instrument for few years in the underpass junction area at Tangs shopping center. Maybe due to the big revamp of Orchard road, she have to do her busking on the street instead of in the underpass.

What I super surprised, she was a healthy person and I met her in the event once and she really no healthy problem at all. While I saw her in last Sunday night, I got 2 conclusions: She tried to be fake as disability artist so can gain more income, or she really had some illness.

Opps! After read yesterday's "Shin Ming Daily News"(新明晚报), proofed she is faking as a disability people!

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