Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Shopping Mall

Passing by Lavender area and went to this newly open shopping mall named "Aperia Mall". I just went to the food court and found the place was nice!

I had the mixed rice, it tasted great! I would say it had it's unique taste that you did not feel like those anyhow cook type ;p

I found that the Indian food stall not bad as well, will come back next to try it out.
I went there about 10.30am if not wrong, the crowd not came in yet, and found this little girl hanging around in the big place down stair ;p
It seems like many many restaurants down here, I was rushing to other place, maybe take more picture next time.

Interesting Cars

Went Taman Sentosa at JB, Malaysia and found there are some cars display for "Johor Off Road Charity Challenge 2015" event going to happen in the coming few days.
The cars for show!

Some Food I Ate Recently

Had this Hokien Noodle at Raffles City Shopping Mall food court, thought was delicious! This is the new stall which I seen since the re-open of the food court on April.

Some other food I ate in different venue ;p

Saturday, April 4, 2015

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