Sunday, October 31, 2010

Event Artists need to Provide Quality and Resonable Quantites Works

Singapore had been growing real fast within this few years, and Singapore became a worldwide well known country since it had run the first F1 night race, building up the great entertainment area like Marina Bay Sand and Resort World Sentosa and held the first Youth Olympic Games in the world.

As professional event artists or entertainers, we should always enhance, improve and maintain our skill to the much more than the above average level.

Doing events like caricature, balloon twisting, face painting and etc, although we work independently, doesn't mean we can do our work anyhow, there are always people watching your quality or/and quantities of your works.

Singapore is not a big country, hence, if any event artists make serious mistake, all of us will know it through event organizers or event clients.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just A Day

Cook the ginger + mushroom chicken, I just tried to change the sequence to put in the ingredients and timing, the taste seems quite different ;( Seems I should stick to my standard way of doing it.;pand some vegetablesAnd listening the song of one of my favourite singer: Da Endorphine!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's About Balance

Is fortune telling if fake theory? It depends what kind of person doing in what way.
To me, in professional term we call it "Metaphysics" which belonging sort of philosophy, which much concerned on the character telling of a person, based on the thousand year's experiences and statistic; and based on such related experiences, we able to do some prediction. For example, if you try to don't eat for a long time eg. more then 8 hours, you sure feel hungry; if you have heavy breakfast, probable you can simply skip you lunch until the time you having your dinner.

Another example: if you try to grow a plant but you totally did not pour some water on it, anyone can predict this plat won't grow up and die soon; that was a very logic theory although so many things happened in the world that we still unable to explain in e scientific or logical era.

In my Metaphysics studies and research, the most significant thing was about the balancing about life; for example, if you wanted to earn a lot of money, you probable spent longer time on your works like gaining more business, and meet more peoples like your potential clients; while you are doing this, you will getting lesser time to entertain your family and your friends.

It's about balancing, just like you feel hungry and then you eat certain amount of food to fulfill your hungry feeling; and you definitely won't just keep non-stopping eating, because everything got it's limitation, just like the size of your stomach.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Parent's Childs

Just completed caricature pre-event for a dinner & dance, which is a not so happy job while during my working time was badly disturbed by the naughty children.

They just run around playing and push my chair, appeared right close beside my left hand or right hand side that cause my hand not even have a room to move.

I had told them many times but they just keep doing it, the worse things was the parents just hanging around beside and not helping to control their children.

The super worst thing was one children just keep running to me and cough to me in 1 feet distance!!!! That was real bad! The very worst thing: the parents saw it and act like nothing happened!!! Hardly understand how the parent teach their children.

Don't you agree that parents have to correct the child's mistake as and when while they still young, don't you believe those who choose the let the children having full freedom to develop and grow by themselves will caused a lots of problem to the social as well as the children themselves.

As an event entertainer, you have to prepare to face all kind of funny things happen, this is just one of the case we need to take note. Not every time you are so lucky to meet nice guests during the event.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Orchard Road Scene

Passing by Orchard Road and found this Yoga posing sculpture in front Mandarin Hotel was very interesting.The new hotel at Ochard Road - Grand Park Hotel Orchard which just opened at 10.10.20102 more near by interesting sculpture.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Wire Crafts for Event!

After came across some wire crafts artists in various events, I found Ivan & Lee Lee's wire crafts was one of the best wire crafts artist in the events.Thought their are popular in doing events is due to their creativity and they having right attitude, never show any long faces during events; one of the most important thing was they always charge in the reasonable professional fees instead of increase or double up the charging anyhow; as professional event entertainers, we all follow the rules.

According many event manager's feedback, some artists will increase their charging especially realized the event company need them urgently or unable to find other artist the relevant item on the hot day.

Singapore is very small, any event artist do something wrong, it will spread within the circle real quick.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just A Day

Some food I ate recently.

Nasi Lemak.Brayani ChickenSeems like every way you can see the food stall owner using same type of plate, whether Coffee shops or food courts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Originality of the Caricature Artwork

For beginner who learn how to draw caricature, all of us start from zero, and most of us was try our best to copy the artist that can be inspired us. Thought that is the way or the quick to learn.

Anyway, as a professional, after certain years, especially you started doing live drawings for sometimes, you should develop your own style, else you level was unable to improve or you just someone became a copycat.I noticed that especially happened since early 2009 till now, regardless whether the artists are using marker as medium, pencil as medium and so ford, the style of caricature during live event drawing not as big different as the year before 2009.Maybe all of us should do something about it to make the world more interesting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoying Food!

Just some food I ate for the day ;p
Claypot pork legKuey Tiao in Thai style.Century Duck egg (Preserved Egg (ไข่เยี่ยวม้า khai yiao ma))

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chinese Fan Calligraphy

In a corporate event, especially having guests from many different countries, Chinese calligraphy on Chinese Fan is one of the most popular item that love by the guests.
I just met Mr Yong from Yong Gallery (, one of the famous Singapore Calligrapher doing his Chinese Calligraphy in the red color Chinese fans which provide by him.This Indian Parot fortune card picking fortune telling was very accurate! This is my first time to trythis Parot fortune card reading in my event life! Because usually all of us do not have the time to serve each other due to each entertainer in the event was start at the same timing.
That was so great that this Parot fortune card owner will read out your fortune from the card which picked by the Parot, because most of the Parot fortune card owner will let you read the card by youself.One of Malay cultural art demo: Ketupak making.and Indian's tradiional florist art.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caricature at Intercontinental Hotel

Did roving caricature at Intercontinental Hotel and met many nice guests in this event. It was an award appreciation event, our President Mr Nathan was in this event as well.Mr Lee Boon Chye was doing his Chinese Calligraphy on Chinese fan in the event.Talking about Chinese Calligraphy on Chinese fan, they are only few calligrapher able to provide this services in Singapore, because not much people carry the Chinese Fan which need to import from other country like Malaysia or China and so ford.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eat and Eat Again

Just had some food with friends.My Asahi Beer!Wish I can eat all ;p

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caricature Job

That was great to met Katherine Mah ( doing body art in one of the event I did recently! Katherine was one of the best body art i met in the event market. That was great to seeing her and her team doing well. Obviously, their succeed was due to their right attitude, only concentrate on doing their job in a professional way, never like other artist who like to spend unnecessary time to jealous about other people or talk bad behind people. Hence, they are one of the team that like to use by many event companies.Some of my guests ;p

Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Food!

Just treated by friend for this "Hu Nan" (湖南) China cuisine in a restaurant in Chinatown ;p These series "Hu Nan" (湖南) China cuisine mostly very spicy and taste really good!
Eel with dry chilly! This nice crunchy snack we called "Chai Pu" ( ) but China Chinese called it "White Carot" because it made from a dry processed white carrot.This is a special transparency "Guo Tiao" (粿条) fried and put on top of the omelet, that was first time I seen! Very nice dishes!Famous China beer : Yan Jing Beer" (you can found it in NTUC supermarket nowadays.There were 2 more very delicious dishes I forgot to take photo, because the dishes was really nice liao! The restaurant name in Chinese is named "湘菜馆"in the food street in Chinatown, I forgot to take their name card, hope I can update you soon once I go there again :p
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