Thursday, April 30, 2009

BeerFest 2009

Just went BeerFest 2009 at The Flyer Singapore at 9pm plus. I thought just buy some coupon for to take some beers, unfortunately I found that the coupons had been sold out! I saw a Caucasian guest was very unhappy and complaining why this matter can be happened!Ya men! It spoil my mood and many people who went to this festival as well! That is “BEERFEST ASIA 2009” you know!

The officer in-charge asked the guests to wait a while and the replenishment of the coupon will be deliver soon…It happened at “BEERFEST ASIA 2009” --- not enough coupons for sell!

See! Not so crowded what, why the coupon sold out so fast? I do not have the patient to wait for them to replenish the coupon!I looked around, Japan, Korea and China did not participate in this event, hence can't find Hsing Dao Beer, Asahi, Sapporo and etc.

The Flyer at night.The casino is building in progress.Just the overhead highway construction photo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Soft Drink Cans Art and Crafts

Went to a friend’s house and found someone gave him these sets of art crafts made by soft drink cans. This is not my first time came across this type of art crafts, but I found theses set was quiet interesting.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Some Dishes

My new trial: Steam Grouper Cantonese Style.Baby “Kai Lan” in oyster sauce.Sweet bean with eggs.French Bean fried with sea salt.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum

That was real cool that have a chance to went in to “The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition” (康熙盛世.故宫珍宝) after meeting a client at Asian Civilisations Museum for some Chinese cultural related jobs.I wasn’t going in to the museum after my primary school until today! That was really long time! I didn’t know there’s a lot of very high-tech tools used to explain the exhibitions stuffs to the guests, like the touch screen TV-like tools been set standby just next to many main exhibition stuffs to allow the guests to know more about the background and the history of related exhibition stuffs.

I was really impressed, inspired and felt the great impact of few giant sizes portrait painting of the Manchu’s king’s including King Kangxi (康熙), his son King (雍正) YongZheng, and King Qian Long (乾隆).

Each portrait was about 7feets by 14feets if I am not wrong! And there is the ORIGINAL COPY! Due the museum’s rules, I can’t take any pictures about it, you got to go to the museum to see it by yourself to feel and see these great portrait paintings.

The paintings were done by Italian artists in China during the Manchu emperor and during the time while King Kangxi and the rest of the kings building ‘The Forbidden City’ ( From year 1406-1420)

As an artist who do caricature and portraits, that was really great to have a chance to see such great artworks! It had made my day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Passing By

Passing by Orchard which I heard the make-over of the street had been completed. Now I realized this column actually is a ‘Flourish’ column.This pictures taken last year end.Shaw Tower Orchard.Ah! I wating for the latest movie: X-Men!The building of ION Orchard Singapore nearly completed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caricature in Mingling Way

Just completed a show yesterday as mingling caricaturists, the venue is at Singapore Turf Club.This is my very first time doing event in the VIP function room down here, because in the pass time, those events I did here usually is at the outdoor.Alex Tan, one of famous magician in Singapore, he is also a Chinese Magic Opera Mask Change Artist (变脸)was doing his great performance for the guests. I know Alex many years but seldom meet him during the event, that was great to meet him down here.Serious I don’t know how to see this score at all because I never bet before. Haahaa!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Belt Fish Dish

Went to Liang Court Shopping Centre this morning. I bought this belt fish and cook with red pepper, mushroom and Japanese cucumber.I have had a ‘Trung Nguyen’ branded Vietnamese Coffee at the 2nd level of this shopping. This is my first time tasted Vietnamese Coffee, that was very nice!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bought this long long Luffa from NTUC Supermarket. Thought just cut in to small slices and fry with omelette egg.Never doubt my skill!

Very Interesting Magic Show

I do not know how tom do magic because I no keen to learn magic; anyway, I did know lots magician in Singapore during many years in the entertainment line. I just came across an internet broadcast programme about the magician’s battle events called: “金牌魔术团队”(Golden Magic Teams) in China, the Taiwanese Famous Magician 刘谦 (Lu Chen) is one of the judger besides the judgers including Mirko from Spain, 陈广生from Hong Kong, 小林浩平from Japan. All of them are International famous magicians.
Since the TV programmes like “American Top Model”, ‘So You Think You Can Dance” became famous and popular, many countries was doing a programme like that, which especially having some judgers in the event, do immediate comment to the contestants and kick out some contestant on the spot.

In this "金牌魔术团队"(Golden Magic Teams)programme, the latest most popular TV programme in China.

That was quite different from other battles programme, you can see the China contestant being kicked out was argue with the judger especially the judger刘谦 (Lu Chen). You can also see some of the loser was here to against and doubt刘谦 (Lu Chen)’s qualifications! I never seen such scene happened in any other countries’ programme before.

刘谦 (Lu Chen) was kicked out those contestant who mainly copy other magician’s props and magic because that is not creative and not consider their own talents. One contestant was argued that nothing wrong to copy because he is the only magician who does this set of magic performance in China!

One of the worst contestant who purpose participated this programme is wanted to tell刘谦 (Lu Chen) his is here to present 刘谦 (Lu Chen)’s magic and he had just broke刘谦 (Lu Chen)’s best magic set just within only one hour plus! He urged刘谦 (Lu Chen) to produce better quality magic in future!

He seems very high and really wanted to argue with刘谦 (Lu Chen) but luckily the uncomfortable atmosphere was solved by the very intelligent Mcee!

The Mcee 汪涵 tried calm him down and said:
“There’s a truth all of us was understand: We learnt mathematics during our primary school, the teacher teach us 1+1= 2, without the teacher’s teaching, your calculation could be totally wrong; while you are breaking his (刘谦 (Lu Chen)) magic secret just within a second, you should not forget the creator of this magic set is actually is a guidance who bring you into the door to the magic world!

We are standing on intelligent people’s shoulder hence our view is broaden and wider, hence, anyone of us who appeared on this stage, we should be thankful! We should be thankful to those who guiding us to the world of magic! Thankful to those who paying lots efforts to creates such guidance to us.”

I would like to say the Mcee is really a man!

I didn’t know just simply watching a magic programme can found some words that I wanted to speak out from my heart for so long, just exactly as what the Mcee mentioned in this programme! That’s why I say I watched a very great Magic Show.

In my event caricaturist life so far, sometimes could meet such people who trying to insult or show that they are really million times better than you, but they had never think about what of their current succeed was based on you samples or works hence they can be better! Haahaa!

Frankly, my caricature was not good compared with many other artists; I had felt I never improve much after 18 years event drawing experiences haahaa! There are always many things for me to learn.

I don’t know whether this is some sort of special people’s human being: feeling great while they insult the people that weaker / poorer/ lower level then them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Caricature Software

Came across a website and found they are introducing the ‘Caricature Studio’. From the cover it seems quiet interesting. I think not a bad choice for those who interesting to DIY their caricature, or using this software to produce a caricature of your face and use the exaggerated face as a reference for you to draw it using your hand with any media.I remember there is a caricature software long time ago is called ‘Kai’s Power Goo’ and I did came across someone using it to produce caricature by shooting the guest faces in the events, then input into this software and then print out as a photo for the guests as take home souvenir.

Such ‘computerised caricature’ item was no longer engaged by the event companies because it took longer time to produce a caricature due to need time to process each photos; moreover, the artist need to do at least a basic setup of the back drop and lighting to do the shooting part for the guest’s photo for the computerised caricature, hence they need to carry a lots of setting stuffs compared with traditional caricaturist.

By hand drawn caricature, we could get comments that claimed the drawing was not looks like the person being drawn, but as the event companies feedback I heard, they get the same comments as well! Because many people can’t accept their faces being exaggerate too much.

Art is very subjective I would say, even a normal photo taken (did not add any effect) for some people yet their friend or themselves could claimed that the person in the photo doesn’t looks like the real person al all. Haahaa!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caricature at Warren Golf Club

That was great to meet Ivan and Lee Lee ( the event while I do caricature for Warrant Golf Club’s event. They are doing wire crafts.I don’t like to draw people with mask or wearing sunglasses because no matter how good you produce the drawing but while you just look at the drawing, it could be looks like anyone because your main features was being covered.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Professional Dough Figurine Making

Some event companies was checking if there are professional dough figurine artist in Singapore that able to produce the dough figurine doll which able to keep for a very long time but sill in a good condition because they had been come across some client’s complaint about the flour doll which ordered and given to their special guests or VIPs getting crack or having mould after few weeks later they received it, this caused their client felt very embarrassing.

I did not have any art piece that having such problem, but I do have 2 art pieces given by a local Singaporean Dough Figurine Artist May Toh’ in 2007 (Chinese Pig horoscope year, which I had been post in this blog before).

While I take out these art pieces from my cupboard, both of them were still having a good condition.

As I know, May Toh ( had learnt her Dough Figurine making skill from 2 masters from China. So I think May Toh is one of the best choices for quality dough figurine making for any of your special guests or VIP.

Another quality Singaporean Dough Figurine Artist I found is Madam Tang ( Her art pieces were also quality and able to keep for many years as well.

I did meet some professional China Dough Figurine Artist whose came from China during ‘Ang Bao River’ event and related Chinese New Year events. I think their art pieces could be another best choice but thought you need to wait until they come to Singapore during Chinese New Years period.

Family Day

Just did an event at Thomson area this morning till afternoon. The weather was really hot! My wax pen almost melts in such a heat degree, plus the low setting tentage setting, just like working in an oven! Haahaa!My cute guests!There was a cute adult fat cat down here, but in my camera it became a little kitten! Haahaa!
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