Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum

That was real cool that have a chance to went in to “The Kangxi Emperor Exhibition” (康熙盛世.故宫珍宝) after meeting a client at Asian Civilisations Museum for some Chinese cultural related jobs.I wasn’t going in to the museum after my primary school until today! That was really long time! I didn’t know there’s a lot of very high-tech tools used to explain the exhibitions stuffs to the guests, like the touch screen TV-like tools been set standby just next to many main exhibition stuffs to allow the guests to know more about the background and the history of related exhibition stuffs.

I was really impressed, inspired and felt the great impact of few giant sizes portrait painting of the Manchu’s king’s including King Kangxi (康熙), his son King (雍正) YongZheng, and King Qian Long (乾隆).

Each portrait was about 7feets by 14feets if I am not wrong! And there is the ORIGINAL COPY! Due the museum’s rules, I can’t take any pictures about it, you got to go to the museum to see it by yourself to feel and see these great portrait paintings.

The paintings were done by Italian artists in China during the Manchu emperor and during the time while King Kangxi and the rest of the kings building ‘The Forbidden City’ ( From year 1406-1420)

As an artist who do caricature and portraits, that was really great to have a chance to see such great artworks! It had made my day!

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