Thursday, April 30, 2009

BeerFest 2009

Just went BeerFest 2009 at The Flyer Singapore at 9pm plus. I thought just buy some coupon for to take some beers, unfortunately I found that the coupons had been sold out! I saw a Caucasian guest was very unhappy and complaining why this matter can be happened!Ya men! It spoil my mood and many people who went to this festival as well! That is “BEERFEST ASIA 2009” you know!

The officer in-charge asked the guests to wait a while and the replenishment of the coupon will be deliver soon…It happened at “BEERFEST ASIA 2009” --- not enough coupons for sell!

See! Not so crowded what, why the coupon sold out so fast? I do not have the patient to wait for them to replenish the coupon!I looked around, Japan, Korea and China did not participate in this event, hence can't find Hsing Dao Beer, Asahi, Sapporo and etc.

The Flyer at night.The casino is building in progress.Just the overhead highway construction photo.

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