Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Foods I Ate recently

Some food photos taken just for fun. Thought take photos of the food you are going to eat, other than something interesting to share with people and also a record that what foods you had eaten recently so you can know whether you are eating healthy foods recently and so ford ;p

Roving Caricature at Turf Club Singapore

Did roving caricature at Turf Club Singapore recently. Talking about doing caricature in roving, it required some special technique and many things to be consider, not much caricaturists know how to do caricature in roving way in the market, roving caricature in an art besides the caricature drawing itself.

Not much caricaturists know how to do caricature drawing in roving way and not much of them willing to do caricature in roving way as well. Because once doing roving style, you have to bare in mind that you are serving the guests, meanwhile, those caricaturists who also a big bosses who having big companies and many staffs or having many awards from many ways, they would not willing to do roving because not so good the lower down themselves as to serve the guests in such a way. Haahaa!
2 photos of the Turf Club.

Event at Changi Industrial Park

Did caricature drawing at Changi Industrial Park for a lunch event.
There are games stalls in the event.
Interesting game setting ;p
One of the fringe activities booth
One of the China famous sculpture was in the entrance of the building.

Shrink Art Caricature for Private Event

Did shrink art caricature for key chain for a private event under event company's arrangement last week. Great to met many nice guests in the event.
Some artworks before the shrinking process.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Main Actor/Actress in Movies

Passing by Orchard weeks ago, just discovered the recent movies poster was displayed 2 main actors/actress in the movie posters ;p

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