Monday, December 31, 2007

My Last $2.00 Wanthan Noodles!!!

Had my breakfast this morning, the Wanthan noodle auntile told me, tomorrow onwards, 1st January 2008, about 20hours later, the whole hawker centre's food selling price will be go up!!! This is my last $2.00 wanthan noodle, tomorrow will be selling in $2.50 !!!!!

Chinese Dough Figurine

Arrange my cupboard and found this piggy dough figurine still in good condition. It was given by May Toh, the Chinese dough figurine artist during Chinese new year event 10 months ago. As per mentioned by May, yup, the dough figure made by her was not spoilt so fast as some other artist. Other than her, I know there was another Chinese dough figurine artist, she is Madam Tang.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Roy and the Chinese Instrument Player Busker

Past by Ang Mo Kio Central, saw Roy doing human statue in front Mac Donald at usual, but this time did not hear Roy’s western/ heavy metal music playing, why?
Because the music was became Chinese instrument music!!! Ah ha! There’s another busker came here, playing his Chinese instrument. Do not know whether he had agreed with Roy or not, but seems Roy making use his music for dancing.
The area was covered by this Chinese instrument player, buy the public only interested on Roy’s performance.
He tried to stand up and catch some attention.
Can't help, people prefered "Visual" art.

Caricature at East Meadow

Went to East Meadow Condo do caricature for their year end events. The condo was very nice, wish one day I can buy such house…heehee, dreaming!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chinese Seal Carving

Completed a page for a chinese seal carving master, Mr Lee Boon Chai


People asked me why I brought so many drawing pencils(my crayon pencil), my reasons to bring many pencils was because I like to draw very fast for caricature, I don't spent time to shave the pencil lead (crayon pencil),just "Reload the bullet" ---- take a new piece of pencil to carry on straight away without wasting any time during my working time, hence more pieces or caricature to be done, client should be happy! Heehee!

Taken my dinner at Raffles City foodcourt. Ops! The $3.50 fried rice is little, maybe the $ became smaller and smaller...And everything became more expensive....

Colorful Decoration

Saw this decorated wall at lev6 ballroom of Meritus Mandarin Hotel, was nice. The color will change every few seconds, very nice and interesting.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Party caricature

I had gone to Senior Police Officers’ Mess to do a Christmas Party caricature. It is a nice place, something like fort canning.
The interior of the building was very nice, and nicely decorated for Christmas.

Found this decorated stone outside the building, it was very special to me because found a small plant on top of this stone! Hmmm, a strong plant can grow on stone!Looks at this picture again, feel like a Chinese Painting, those trees on top of the mountain! Heehee!

Caricaure for OCS Navy Dinner & Dance

Did a caricature pre-event for OCS Navy Dinner & Dance at Hyatt Hotel, did not expect 90% of the guests were came in couples, meanwhile, I have to draw them 2 in one piece of paper. All the guests was in dress because the dress code was formal, so I saw lots pretty girls….with their handsome boyfriends, opps! No Chance! Haaahaa!

The reception table was decorated by rose, each lady guest will be given a rose when they arrived.

Bar counter was decorated with a plant, that's nice.
The decorated lighting designed with leafs. It was nice, but personnal feeling, maybe the leafs paint into green and bright yellow that will be perfect, jus my imagination only.

Birthday Cake

Went to this little girls’ birthday party, the parent bought this birthday cake which delivered from Hyatt Hotel. When this cake delivered to their house, it attracted everyone’s attention; the cake was so special, colorful in the sense of the combination of the color was perfect. The design of this cake was perfect until can’t tell if this is real!

Yup, a birthday cake for girls, see the design: high heel, hand bag, lips, lipstick, haahaa!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I went to Henderson Industrial Park, doing a Xmas party caricature for an event company’s client. When the lift reaches the floor, there was a surprising “Logo” in front me! It was “X-Men” logo!!! The client actually is “X-Men" ? Prof Xavier? Haahaa!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caricaure show at Oriental Hotel

Today did a caricature show for Singapore Airlines PPS Club’s Christmas Extravaganza 2007 at Oriental Hotel. The guests was very nice and lots beautiful girls, hee hee! Of course, Singapore Airlines (SIA) you know!!!

There's few nice art pieces outside the grand ballroom
It was a wooden carving art piece!

Saw a plant inside the staircase link beside Oriental Hotel while going back home, it was very nice.
I got the same type of plant at my house corridor, but looked big different. Haahaa!

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Map

I get this map done for my friend's Pub at Boaty Quay, using Macromedia Freehand 8. Yup, I still using this old version. Heehee!

Candle Gel

Met Diana, one of caricaturist and also a children art teacher, she told me that her sister doing "Candle Gel" for pre-events, I asked the photo from her to see what is that. She emailed these pictures. It was very nice and interesting!

Wire Craft Artist

Came across Madam Tang's Wire Craft art, didn't know she can do wire crafts for pre-event, that was great. I know Mdm Tang mant about 8 years ago while she doing Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese paper cutting and all kinds of chinese traditional art during the events.I got her website:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roy, "Statue" Street Artist

Roy was a pioneer street artist from Singapore; I guess he had been doing busking at Orchard at least 8 years or more. I know him about 4 year ago. To night pass by Ang Mo Kio Centre, saw him doing busking in front the space of McDonald. Seems he never busk at Orchard anymore.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Palm Reading

Last Saturday, 8 Dec Saturday’s silhouette cutting for pre-event was cancelled. I thought I had lost some income, but I was very lucky! One of the event company’s staff introduced my palm reading service to her friend’s event company to do the palm reading for their client’s pre-event entertainment.

Palm reading was very interesting item for me. It was mainly tell you characters thru reading the different lines based on both of your palms.

It was a knowledge based item; to me it was an art, and such art was unable to just see and copy, it was involved in lots of books readings and read the real palms to enrich the knowledge.

Palm reading to me is just another type of “Caricature”, instead looks at the face of the guest, I look at their palm, then “draw” them (read and tell their characters).

My style of doing the palm reading was emphasized to highlight their weak point, hence the guest can find out how to improve it. Each person usually spending 5-10minutes to read it, depend how big of the crowd of course.

That was quite interesting that usually, in a company’s dinner & dance, quiet a lots of the guests’ palm having same type of palms, ha-ha! Thought everyone of them working in a same company, facing the same destiny, hmmm….. That was quite logic to me, and experiences wise, yup, after went thru many company’s event for in-charging palm reading, it happened almost the same thing.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Greedy double booked artist looking for help

Due to year-end many event companies looking for caricaturist or silhouette artist, usually I will check my schedule very carefully to confirm with them. This is to avoid any double booking, because if you made mistake which having more than 1 booking at the same timing on that day, and if you can’t find any person to cover you last minute, that will be absence on 1 of your promised show, hence the event company you mark you as an unreliable artist, by then they will reduce or stop to use your service.

As I mentioned, no matter how famous or how cheap rated you are or how strong / how best / how top level you are, as an pre-diner entertainer only can do 1 show at 1 place at 6.30pm-7.30pm (or 6.15pm-7.15pm / 7pm-8pm) for 1 event company only.

Even if the whole Singapore’s event companies request your service, like 7th December, Friday 6.30pm till 7.30pm; you still can only go 1 place to do 1 show what.

Some greedy artists still can asked me for help to seek for any replacement artist on 7th December, Friday morning! Especially those artists who highlighted to me that they are much experienced then me or longer year in this industry!

I wonder if they were really experienced, why did not know that 2 months ago there had been many event companies asking for caricaturists and silhouette artists? Up to today (7th Dec, Friday), they should know every caricaturist and silhouette artist had been booked.

Why this happen? High percentage that they are too greedy to grab whatever job as possible, believed anytime can get people to cover them, or maybe too greedy grabbing until they forget about which date they been booked by the event companies. sure you are experienced entertainer or just a new comer?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hot booking day for Caricaturists and Silhouette Cutting Artists

7 dec 07 friday

From an entertainer’s eyes, Friday and Saturday of every year’s November and December was the peak period of all Artists, performers and entertainers.

As fringe art artists, usually like Caricaturist, Silhouette Cutting artist, Henna / Airbrush tattoo, tarot card reader, fortune teller etc… will booked by the event companies’ from around 6.30pm to 7.30pm for their diner & dance in island wise.
As my experiences, every November and December will have one or two days which all the event companies looking for caricaturist or silhouette artist.

(Silhouette Cutting Artist was another type of artist the event that introduced by me to many event companies in 3 years ago, it became a popular item in demand since then.)

This year’s “Caricaturist / Silhouette Cutting Artist Hot Day” was known at 7th December (today) and 14th December. Many event companies was looking for both caricaturist and silhouette artist since 2 months ago.

Up to yesterday still have event companies calling me asking for my availability for the 2 mentioned date above.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Junior College Diner & Dance

I was doing a caricature drawing for National Junior College diner & dance, 90% of the guests was Junior College students. It was surprised that was some students presenting their strings quartet classical music; it was my first time I saw students’ performance during diner & dance for pre-diner event. How nice was that! Luckily I was sitting beside them, I enjoyed their music a lot!

Eating Steamboat with Vivien

Today afternoon Vivien of Zephydom and her boy friend had treated me lunch at Parkland, at the “Hey Hey Steamboat” Restaurant. I can’t remember when I ate steamboat last time, should be quiet long ago. This restaurant was opened by a TCS star! And the food was really nice; it was different from other type of steamboat I every came across so far.

The sauce you can mixed with by yourself in different ingredient!
Very nice sauce! Definitely will come again.

Thanks Vivien, next time must treat her and her boyfriend down here! Heehee!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wire Crafts

Met Josie Tan, the Wire craft artist in the event, she made a keychain for me. That was very nice. As I know, other than her, artist who doing wire craft also including William Lee, Vivien of Zephydom and Mdm Tang.

Talking about keychain, there also having caricature shrink art. Below was a caricature drawn on a special piece of transparency, and then put in the micro oven, it will shrink down and became harden, the bigger size drawing will be shrinked from 2.5inch to 1inch, it was very quite and interesting.

Other than that, I also came across another type of keychain making during the event, that was writing your name into rice, then seal it in small container with chemical liquid. The person I know who do this was Zai. I know her and her friend Azziah at Orchard during we doing busking 3 years ago.
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