Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Palm Reading

Last Saturday, 8 Dec Saturday’s silhouette cutting for pre-event was cancelled. I thought I had lost some income, but I was very lucky! One of the event company’s staff introduced my palm reading service to her friend’s event company to do the palm reading for their client’s pre-event entertainment.

Palm reading was very interesting item for me. It was mainly tell you characters thru reading the different lines based on both of your palms.

It was a knowledge based item; to me it was an art, and such art was unable to just see and copy, it was involved in lots of books readings and read the real palms to enrich the knowledge.

Palm reading to me is just another type of “Caricature”, instead looks at the face of the guest, I look at their palm, then “draw” them (read and tell their characters).

My style of doing the palm reading was emphasized to highlight their weak point, hence the guest can find out how to improve it. Each person usually spending 5-10minutes to read it, depend how big of the crowd of course.

That was quite interesting that usually, in a company’s dinner & dance, quiet a lots of the guests’ palm having same type of palms, ha-ha! Thought everyone of them working in a same company, facing the same destiny, hmmm….. That was quite logic to me, and experiences wise, yup, after went thru many company’s event for in-charging palm reading, it happened almost the same thing.

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