Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wire Crafts

Met Josie Tan, the Wire craft artist in the event, she made a keychain for me. That was very nice. As I know, other than her, artist who doing wire craft also including William Lee, Vivien of Zephydom and Mdm Tang.

Talking about keychain, there also having caricature shrink art. Below was a caricature drawn on a special piece of transparency, and then put in the micro oven, it will shrink down and became harden, the bigger size drawing will be shrinked from 2.5inch to 1inch, it was very quite and interesting.

Other than that, I also came across another type of keychain making during the event, that was writing your name into rice, then seal it in small container with chemical liquid. The person I know who do this was Zai. I know her and her friend Azziah at Orchard during we doing busking 3 years ago.

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