Saturday, December 8, 2007

Greedy double booked artist looking for help

Due to year-end many event companies looking for caricaturist or silhouette artist, usually I will check my schedule very carefully to confirm with them. This is to avoid any double booking, because if you made mistake which having more than 1 booking at the same timing on that day, and if you can’t find any person to cover you last minute, that will be absence on 1 of your promised show, hence the event company you mark you as an unreliable artist, by then they will reduce or stop to use your service.

As I mentioned, no matter how famous or how cheap rated you are or how strong / how best / how top level you are, as an pre-diner entertainer only can do 1 show at 1 place at 6.30pm-7.30pm (or 6.15pm-7.15pm / 7pm-8pm) for 1 event company only.

Even if the whole Singapore’s event companies request your service, like 7th December, Friday 6.30pm till 7.30pm; you still can only go 1 place to do 1 show what.

Some greedy artists still can asked me for help to seek for any replacement artist on 7th December, Friday morning! Especially those artists who highlighted to me that they are much experienced then me or longer year in this industry!

I wonder if they were really experienced, why did not know that 2 months ago there had been many event companies asking for caricaturists and silhouette artists? Up to today (7th Dec, Friday), they should know every caricaturist and silhouette artist had been booked.

Why this happen? High percentage that they are too greedy to grab whatever job as possible, believed anytime can get people to cover them, or maybe too greedy grabbing until they forget about which date they been booked by the event companies. sure you are experienced entertainer or just a new comer?

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