Friday, December 7, 2007

Hot booking day for Caricaturists and Silhouette Cutting Artists

7 dec 07 friday

From an entertainer’s eyes, Friday and Saturday of every year’s November and December was the peak period of all Artists, performers and entertainers.

As fringe art artists, usually like Caricaturist, Silhouette Cutting artist, Henna / Airbrush tattoo, tarot card reader, fortune teller etc… will booked by the event companies’ from around 6.30pm to 7.30pm for their diner & dance in island wise.
As my experiences, every November and December will have one or two days which all the event companies looking for caricaturist or silhouette artist.

(Silhouette Cutting Artist was another type of artist the event that introduced by me to many event companies in 3 years ago, it became a popular item in demand since then.)

This year’s “Caricaturist / Silhouette Cutting Artist Hot Day” was known at 7th December (today) and 14th December. Many event companies was looking for both caricaturist and silhouette artist since 2 months ago.

Up to yesterday still have event companies calling me asking for my availability for the 2 mentioned date above.

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