Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Curry Eater

Just had my lunch last week at The Bedok Market Place, to try this Curry dished after saw the recommendation from their face book page, from the stall named "Curry's Business"
Just realised the curry was tasted real nice, the spicy level is just nice to me.
The curry they are selling was thick and full of aromatic taste, definitely cook by putting lots of effort!

Another Curry stall "Nana Homemade Curry" at 34 Dover road was one of my favourite, I love all type of their menu: Curry Fish, Curry Chicken, Curry Vegetables and my most loved : Curry Mutton!

They formally from the food court at The Amara Hotel Singapore, which I had been eat their curry more than 15 years ago! Heehee!

Thought one of the less spicy but nice Curry stall I like was at Marina Square food court.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chinese Paper Cutting for Chinese New Year Event

Did Chinese paper cutting demo for an event at Suntec City Convention Hall last week and great to meet nice guests in the event.
Thought not much people in the market do Chinese paper cutting in the event industry so far, in my view, this is because it was an item that look very easy to do yet took real long hours to produce.

For my Chinese paper cutting demo for event, usually I will do simple cutting demo during the booking hour, and within and hour's booking, about 120pcs pre made artworks to be given away to the guests.

For such quantity of pre made artworks, required about 40 working hours to produce and need to be done in many different days due to my hand strenght.

Each cutting required about 20 minutes or more to be completed, so I unable to take any order to produced what the guest want on the spot, just imaging you hire my service for an hour and I only able to produce 2 pcs artworks on the spot for your event! No client wanted to see such thing happened.

Anyway, it was and fringe activity that suit for Chinese New Year and cultural event.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Magic Babe Book Launch

I came across one of my magician friend that I knew in the event industry for long time : Magic Babe Ning having her book launch at Kinokuniya Book Store. So I just "show face" and give some support ;p
Ning looks great in this event, and I really wish her continuously having great success in her career ;p

 Yeah! I my book signed by her ;p

Nice Food Court with Nice Food I Came Across

Just came across Bedok Market Place and had my lunch at this new food court, I would say I like it very much! Must declare that I am not the friend of any management stuffs nor get pay to mention them, I just found the food that suit my taste ;p
I tried one of the Chinese mixed rice stall, and realised the rice was very nice and the price was cheap and great! In my second time bought the food from them, it still delicious as my first time that i ate their food. That was great that their food was quality and nice taste, totally different from other food court that anyhow cook their food and anyhow whack yet expensive! I like those food stall that cook their food that really done from their heart ;p
Each stalls in this food court had unique deco, that was interesting!

Some of My Live Drawing Recently

Seems more and more job in roving style, many artist do not like roving because you really need to build up some skill on how to do the roving in the crowd.

Some of my live drawing works, which done in 2-3minutes, please do not use your studio works to step down my standards and say:"Welles can not make it lah!", ...that's low class cunning way. Haahaa!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bangkok Trip II

Went to Bang Kapi District,The Mall at Lat Prao, and get treated good food by good friend ;p

There are an overhead bridge for people to cross to the opposite area, you can find Tesco there as well. The difference and special of this overhead bridge was build under the overhead road!

Due to the overhead bridge need to have the height to let the tallest vehicle passing by yet built under the over head road, that is the scene you see in the picture! I think the height to let people cross this over head bridge, your height not more than 5 feet 5inches i guess, because I no do not need to bow down to cross it (you know my height) haahaa!

One of the scene from the over head bridge ;p

Bangkok Trip

Just back from Bangkok, Thailand for a few days trip.I was arrived my hotel about 11am plus, but the check in time was 2pm! So I just go to have my favorite Wanton Noodles at 19 Soi Chunladit, which opposite Platinum Fashion Mall at Pratunam area.

You will see the elephant god once you went in the right street.

 This is the one!

Yeah! My Wanton Noodle! 50Baht per bowl! Super delicious and Super price!
The portion of the noodle a bit smaller then Singapore's usual portion at food court, so many people normally order 2 bowls at one time, and some people order 3 or more bowls at a time!

Had been 1 year did not come to Thailand, this time I came to this noodle shop, realised that they had put up text in Chinese about "This is the only store we have, we do not have any branch elsewhere"! Thought due to their famous noodles, had been used by other countries that the stall owners to claim they are the branch from this shop!
This shop open from 9am till 3pm, always got long queue. When I went there, I saw a long queue, but went this place 3 times in 3 days, seems the you will get seated was very fast, so not to worry that need to take so long like Singapore ;p

Any no good comment for this shop?
Nope, to me is perfect for everything except due to too busy, they always forgot to deliver the drink you order.

The bad thing what i saw was the bad tourists I came across for the 3 times in this shop during this trip:
- A China couple just don't border the queue, straight came in the shop and chop the seat!
- A girl said loudly : "I told you I don't want charsiu!"... you know from where lah. Haahaa!
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