Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nice Food Court with Nice Food I Came Across

Just came across Bedok Market Place and had my lunch at this new food court, I would say I like it very much! Must declare that I am not the friend of any management stuffs nor get pay to mention them, I just found the food that suit my taste ;p
I tried one of the Chinese mixed rice stall, and realised the rice was very nice and the price was cheap and great! In my second time bought the food from them, it still delicious as my first time that i ate their food. That was great that their food was quality and nice taste, totally different from other food court that anyhow cook their food and anyhow whack yet expensive! I like those food stall that cook their food that really done from their heart ;p
Each stalls in this food court had unique deco, that was interesting!

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