Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Curry Eater

Just had my lunch last week at The Bedok Market Place, to try this Curry dished after saw the recommendation from their face book page, from the stall named "Curry's Business"
Just realised the curry was tasted real nice, the spicy level is just nice to me.
The curry they are selling was thick and full of aromatic taste, definitely cook by putting lots of effort!

Another Curry stall "Nana Homemade Curry" at 34 Dover road was one of my favourite, I love all type of their menu: Curry Fish, Curry Chicken, Curry Vegetables and my most loved : Curry Mutton!

They formally from the food court at The Amara Hotel Singapore, which I had been eat their curry more than 15 years ago! Heehee!

Thought one of the less spicy but nice Curry stall I like was at Marina Square food court.

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