Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Caricature for a Family Day event at Grader By The Bay

Great to do caricature for a family day event at Silver Garden of Garden By The Bay Singapore. This is my first time at Silver Garden here.
Garden by the Bay had very nice scene at every angles ;p

As well as this guy ;p
One of my drawing, under the hot sunny day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A quick trip to Hong Kong

Due to settle some personal stuffs, had to take a short trip to Hong Kong. This is my very first trip to Hong Kong, and realised the transport in Hong Kong was very convenience, can go many places just by taking MRT.
Day and night of the sea side.
One unique scene in Hong Kong was the signboard on the street can be very big and long, which hang by steel wires.
There are many many delicious food in HK ;p
My Asahi beer with some nice food at the famous HK clubbing venue : Lan Kwai Fong !!!
I found this place was very nice, the feel of the area during night time was great!
Due to Hong Kong having many mountains, I would say it is also a "mountain" country, which mean the road got up hill and down hill, some building built on the higher place, some on the lower area. That was real cool and interesting!
At Central MRT station.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Roving Caricature at Carnival Bedok Reservoir

Great that had a chance to do roving caricature at Carnival Bedok Reservoir this evening arranged by magician Tommy Kian ;p.
Very happy in this event to met many old friends like Alfred lee, popcorn and varnishing food supplier, fire touring specialist Danny Koh, great professional dancers like Zelia and Annie low and etc ;p

Was manage to took 2 blur version of Danny Koh at Work.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WOW Salad

Finally I got time and chance drop by my balloonist / event entertainer friends salad stall at Golden Sultan Plaza, which my friend is Charlie and Carol, who do balloon twisting and party / event for more than 20 years long!
Charlie and Carol at work ;p

Took a picture "with" Charlie. Heehee!

I got my Special Version of Salad made by Charlie & Carol!
Very delicious salad I have today!

Sultan Plaza

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chinese New Year Fringe Activities

Did Chinese paper cutting demo at Jurong Bird Park recently
and great to met my old friend Jason Goh doing his Dragon Beard candy in the event as well! Jason Goh is a real Dragon Beard Candy master, not those fake Dragon Beard candy master you seen in some events.
Although we know each others many years, but this is the first time i really got chance to see the process he make the real Dragon Beard Candy!
According Jason, the Dragon Beard Candy made by honey with related recipe, there are 2 types of recipe: one for indoor, one for outdoor, thought those fake master I came across in many events,totally don't know all this!

The color of the end product must be white color, the Dragon Beard Candy must be hard instead of soft, the skin of the candy, which looks like beard, and must be real fine!

This is the work by Master Jason Goh ;p

This and another Chinese New Year fringe activity that  came across: Chinese Knot demo and give away, done another old friend Katherine Mah.
and Angbao lantern making done by her as well ;p

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chinese paper Cutting for SCO CNY Event

Did Chinese paper cutting for SCO Singapore private event at The Star Vista recently.
Met Chinese Calligrapher Mr Goh Ek Meng in the event. The was interesting that both of us using red paper for our art but the red paper we used is totally different type ;p

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Roving Fortune Teller

Did roving palm and face reading for 31 Dec 2016 New year eve fringe activity at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Are you sure fortune telling can do roving?
Yup! The is my second time do palm and face reading in roving style!
Meanwhile I will go approach the guests and do the reading. That was great experience!

Glad to meet magician Ming Da in the event.
It was great to met a friendly and skillful magician in this event ;p
There are stage performance in another level of The Fullerton Hotel.

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