Sunday, January 3, 2016

Roving Fortune Teller

Did roving palm and face reading for 31 Dec 2016 New year eve fringe activity at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Are you sure fortune telling can do roving?
Yup! The is my second time do palm and face reading in roving style!
Meanwhile I will go approach the guests and do the reading. That was great experience!

Glad to meet magician Ming Da in the event.
It was great to met a friendly and skillful magician in this event ;p
There are stage performance in another level of The Fullerton Hotel.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chinese Papaer Cutting for Mid Autunm Festival Event

Did Chinese paper demo and give away during Mid Autumn Festival at Bukit Timah Plaza last month.
There are balloon twisting given away and Chinese dough figurine artist in the event as well.

Famous Getai Singer Lee Pei Fen was mcee in the event and she performing on the stage as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Caricature at Marina Barrage

Did 2 days caricature for Singapore National Day's event at Marina Barrage.
Met caricaturist Izuoned in the event ;p
There are many people in this event, it was open to public.

Although both days were rain, but it can't stop the people who came to see the Singapore RSAF Black Knight stun show for celebrating Singapore's 50th National day celebration.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Palm and Face Reading for Private Event

Did fortune telling for a private event last week and great to met nice guests in the event.
Doing palm reading and/or face reading for event, usually I would tell the character of the guests, strong and weak point of the guests. I wile make my reading on the relaxing way and give positive advice for the guests.

As a professional, especially during event fringe activities, we suppose to talk mostly the good things for each guests, and each reading will be make it short and sharp based on the crowd.

In the past few months, I realised some fortune teller did tried his/her own sweet time to do the reading regardless the long queue, some of them tried their best to tout customer to contact them for a private session in their shop, that was not nice, and the worst, some fortune teller did talk the bad things directly to the guests, that was really not professional, because all the guests come to the event to enjoy and having fun; we should not let the guests feel uncomfortable during the reading session, because some guests really take it seriously, hence I never like to tell any bad thing during the fringe activities session.

Moreover, palm and face reading might have 70% accuracy, the more accurate reading should be combine with birth date life chart sort of reading, and it really unable to do it in a short timing.

Great to met old friends in the event!

Great to met Raju in this event. He is doing Teh Tarik and supply Kacang Putih for the fringe activity. I had lost contact with him and finally met him again in this event.

Raju doing Parot fortune card reading for event as well ;p

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nice Soup at Aperia Shopping Mall

This is my second time come to this stall at Aperia Mall, I found the soup of this stall was great because the soup just taste like home made, clear base, not "central kitchen" type of taste; that's why I highlight this stall in my blog ;p
My comment about the taste : "That's what I talking about!" Heehee!
Will try for their "Mala Hot Pot" next time ;p

Caricature Drawing for Private Event yesterday

Did caricature drawing for a birthday party in the afternoon, great to meet smart children in the even ;p
Magician Jason was doing magic shop for the children.
Did another event for a company's family day under event company's arrangement.
That was great the event venue was in South Beach building, which having great view on the surrounding area ;p

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