Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chinese Paper Cutting for Chinese New Year Event

Did Chinese paper cutting demo for an event at Suntec City Convention Hall last week and great to meet nice guests in the event.
Thought not much people in the market do Chinese paper cutting in the event industry so far, in my view, this is because it was an item that look very easy to do yet took real long hours to produce.

For my Chinese paper cutting demo for event, usually I will do simple cutting demo during the booking hour, and within and hour's booking, about 120pcs pre made artworks to be given away to the guests.

For such quantity of pre made artworks, required about 40 working hours to produce and need to be done in many different days due to my hand strenght.

Each cutting required about 20 minutes or more to be completed, so I unable to take any order to produced what the guest want on the spot, just imaging you hire my service for an hour and I only able to produce 2 pcs artworks on the spot for your event! No client wanted to see such thing happened.

Anyway, it was and fringe activity that suit for Chinese New Year and cultural event.
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