Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Raju's Parrot Fortune Telling

I knew Raju for many years,and I know him always be a The Tarik Man or Kacang Putih Man in the event. That was surprise to see him in an event as a Parrot Fortune Teller! In Singapore, you can find some Parrot Fortune Teller in Little India but fewer of them can speak English, hence not much Parrot Fortune Teller appears in events.Parrot Fortune Telling is a type of fortune telling that get a Parrot to pick a card which pre-written a standard explanation of specific type of luck category, while the guest just sit nearby, the Parrot will feel your luck, hence it will pick one of the card which belonging to you, thus you can see your current luck status.

The Parrot just getting freedom walk on the table, the fortune teller will command the Parrot to pick any cards on the table. The Parrot won’t fly away because it had been trained, I heard such Parrot only able to find in India.

Parrot Fortune Telling is one of the common and best choice especially in cultural events.


Anonymous said...

А вы гадаете на Рождество? вот как надо - рождественские гадания

tampines_bone said...

I need Raju contact number to book him for an event. Please help.

Anonymous said...

can i have his contact number too? or where can i find him?

you can contact me at

Anil said...

I would like to hire him, can i have his contact details?

Appreciate it

Jo Khan said...

can you please give me his contact numbeR?

LaunchLab said...


I have an event coming up. would you be able to provide me with Raju's contact?

below is my contact:


Zane said...


Can i have his contact too?
I have an upcoming event in september.

Please Help~


amanda lim said...


Can you give me his contact?

My email is


Poh San said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Weddingchijmes said...


Could I have Raju contact for an event. Appreciate and Thank you

Poh San

Scott Lim said...


Could I have Mr. Raju's contact number? This is for a school assignment. You can contact me at

Thank you very much.

MM said...

Seems like everyone is after Raju.. Well, me too.

Please let me know of any ways I could reach him. Thanks! Here's my mail:

amy blinkwinkgleam said...


I would like to contact Raju for an event. Can i have his contact number please?

Kindly e-mail me at

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi There, any chance you can share Mr Raju's contact details.You can get me at

Thanks mate!

C CHANG said...

Hi can I have Mr Raju's contact too? please and thank you:)

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