Friday, April 10, 2009

Caricature Software

Came across a website and found they are introducing the ‘Caricature Studio’. From the cover it seems quiet interesting. I think not a bad choice for those who interesting to DIY their caricature, or using this software to produce a caricature of your face and use the exaggerated face as a reference for you to draw it using your hand with any media.I remember there is a caricature software long time ago is called ‘Kai’s Power Goo’ and I did came across someone using it to produce caricature by shooting the guest faces in the events, then input into this software and then print out as a photo for the guests as take home souvenir.

Such ‘computerised caricature’ item was no longer engaged by the event companies because it took longer time to produce a caricature due to need time to process each photos; moreover, the artist need to do at least a basic setup of the back drop and lighting to do the shooting part for the guest’s photo for the computerised caricature, hence they need to carry a lots of setting stuffs compared with traditional caricaturist.

By hand drawn caricature, we could get comments that claimed the drawing was not looks like the person being drawn, but as the event companies feedback I heard, they get the same comments as well! Because many people can’t accept their faces being exaggerate too much.

Art is very subjective I would say, even a normal photo taken (did not add any effect) for some people yet their friend or themselves could claimed that the person in the photo doesn’t looks like the real person al all. Haahaa!
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