Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Parent's Childs

Just completed caricature pre-event for a dinner & dance, which is a not so happy job while during my working time was badly disturbed by the naughty children.

They just run around playing and push my chair, appeared right close beside my left hand or right hand side that cause my hand not even have a room to move.

I had told them many times but they just keep doing it, the worse things was the parents just hanging around beside and not helping to control their children.

The super worst thing was one children just keep running to me and cough to me in 1 feet distance!!!! That was real bad! The very worst thing: the parents saw it and act like nothing happened!!! Hardly understand how the parent teach their children.

Don't you agree that parents have to correct the child's mistake as and when while they still young, don't you believe those who choose the let the children having full freedom to develop and grow by themselves will caused a lots of problem to the social as well as the children themselves.

As an event entertainer, you have to prepare to face all kind of funny things happen, this is just one of the case we need to take note. Not every time you are so lucky to meet nice guests during the event.

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