Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's About Balance

Is fortune telling if fake theory? It depends what kind of person doing in what way.
To me, in professional term we call it "Metaphysics" which belonging sort of philosophy, which much concerned on the character telling of a person, based on the thousand year's experiences and statistic; and based on such related experiences, we able to do some prediction. For example, if you try to don't eat for a long time eg. more then 8 hours, you sure feel hungry; if you have heavy breakfast, probable you can simply skip you lunch until the time you having your dinner.

Another example: if you try to grow a plant but you totally did not pour some water on it, anyone can predict this plat won't grow up and die soon; that was a very logic theory although so many things happened in the world that we still unable to explain in e scientific or logical era.

In my Metaphysics studies and research, the most significant thing was about the balancing about life; for example, if you wanted to earn a lot of money, you probable spent longer time on your works like gaining more business, and meet more peoples like your potential clients; while you are doing this, you will getting lesser time to entertain your family and your friends.

It's about balancing, just like you feel hungry and then you eat certain amount of food to fulfill your hungry feeling; and you definitely won't just keep non-stopping eating, because everything got it's limitation, just like the size of your stomach.

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