Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chinese Fan Calligraphy

In a corporate event, especially having guests from many different countries, Chinese calligraphy on Chinese Fan is one of the most popular item that love by the guests.
I just met Mr Yong from Yong Gallery (, one of the famous Singapore Calligrapher doing his Chinese Calligraphy in the red color Chinese fans which provide by him.This Indian Parot fortune card picking fortune telling was very accurate! This is my first time to trythis Parot fortune card reading in my event life! Because usually all of us do not have the time to serve each other due to each entertainer in the event was start at the same timing.
That was so great that this Parot fortune card owner will read out your fortune from the card which picked by the Parot, because most of the Parot fortune card owner will let you read the card by youself.One of Malay cultural art demo: Ketupak making.and Indian's tradiional florist art.

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