Friday, October 1, 2010

Great Food!

Just treated by friend for this "Hu Nan" (湖南) China cuisine in a restaurant in Chinatown ;p These series "Hu Nan" (湖南) China cuisine mostly very spicy and taste really good!
Eel with dry chilly! This nice crunchy snack we called "Chai Pu" ( ) but China Chinese called it "White Carot" because it made from a dry processed white carrot.This is a special transparency "Guo Tiao" (粿条) fried and put on top of the omelet, that was first time I seen! Very nice dishes!Famous China beer : Yan Jing Beer" (you can found it in NTUC supermarket nowadays.There were 2 more very delicious dishes I forgot to take photo, because the dishes was really nice liao! The restaurant name in Chinese is named "湘菜馆"in the food street in Chinatown, I forgot to take their name card, hope I can update you soon once I go there again :p

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