Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caricature at Sentosa, Stryker ISM 2008 Party

Went Sentosa doing caricature for Stryker's event, there was guess from international, and met Cyril Lim the emcee, 1st person I met in the event, he is one of my friendly "collegue" (I know I just a small fly...heehee!). It was a very big show. Meet lot entertainers’ friends in this event, that was very great things.One of my "collegue" Snake Chamer Sibu Miya.Met nother "collegues" Diana and PoonVery beautiful manicure specialist just next to out table, best!!Wanna draw you in Bikini? I am the best artist in drawing Bikini!!!And some beautiful dancers 'collegues' performing, lead by my funk dance teacher (few year ago) Miss Nor Dee dee!.

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