Sunday, January 20, 2008

Female Entertainer, Singer, Performer

Saw this advertisement about the Chinese New Year promotion events in a shopping centre. They invited Donna Daniels be one of their event s entertainers. Donna Daniels was performed many years in Singapore, I can’t remember when I noticed her performance, but definitely she was a very experienced and very talented expert entertainer from Australia. She really can sing different kinds of local dialect song. She’s friendly person to each other entertainer as well, not like some entertainer was differentiate their level with us (me), the lower level pre-dinner entertainer.
The other very very talented female Singapore entertainer I known was Ming, which was also known as "Susie Wong". She was excellent entertainer and friendly as well, everytime She saw me, sure will say hello to me, I felt proud to talk to those very talented and friendly artistes.


Suzie Wong said...

that's so nice of you welles

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