Friday, September 4, 2009

Drawing from photo during Events booking?

Doing portrait or caricature from photo usually taking longer times, this is because of the limited detail and info you can get from the photos, hence many artists would charge in a higher rate to draw from photos especially client required to be done in a short while.

Hence, during then event booking like family days, dinners and dance etc, I usually do not accept any drawing from photos or mobile phones, because of we are doing live drawing and all of us charging in hour’s basis, we are hired to entertain as many guests in the event as possible within the booking hour.

If we take in any photo during the event, then we have to ignore or stop the long queue and going to spend at least 25-35minutes to do just only ONE drawing from the given photo, and you will get complaint as well as losing the purpose so call entertaining the crowd.

Drawing from photo, you need to spend lots energy and concentration to observe the photo to be done, if there are limited timing given and moreover there are people waiting or the related guests or organizer asked you to draw faster caused the unpredictable result yet you get blamed; because portrait or caricature is not just an action that ‘just take a pen and draw on the paper’, else why they unable to just draw themselves? Haahaa!

The worst was the photo given is the photo that taken few years ago, hence they will get the real person and come back later to compare his/her current look with the drawing you did just now from his/her photo and tell you “Is doesn’t looks like me at all!” in front the big crowd, this is a true thing commonly happened in Asia country.

As an event caricaturist, you have to prepare for that. Heehee!

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