Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Work in a Special Place

Time flies as arrow, the F1 event had been over. That was a great experience to work inside the F1 circuit‘s walkabout event area.

Within these 3 days, the most challenging things were the very warm whether and the roaring of the racing cars to me, so to many entertainers and the related work forces.

As a caricaturist, I need to spend more energy to concentrate to draw the guests in this warm whether as well as having distracted by the strong roaring sound by the racing cars.

While the racing cars passing by, you can’t hear any voice or sounds besides the roaring of the engines, due to some performances was on going in different stages like belly dancers, singers etc, they could be having a hard time to catching be their dancing and music rhythms.Anyway, seems everyone enjoy the atmosphere being in the F1 racing area.

Many people was try to go in the racing track to take some photos after the ending of the race in the last day.

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