Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roaming Event Artist

In some event, some artist required roaming or mobile around to do their performance to entertain the guest, caricaturist and silhouette artist wan unable to avoid it! I even did a roaming palm reading as a fortune teller in an event before!

In my 14 years event artist experiences, I realized one the number 101 thing must be do it nicely, which is the posture while you doing the drawing or silhouette cutting or reading the fortune of the guests: You must be always standing in a nice way, do not hunch your back especially, do not believe you are so great that everyone always give way to you; like if you are in the restaurants, sometimes some people just passing by between you the guests you being entertained; worst still, some waiter/waitress might even accidentally hit you and pour the drinks on you shirt!

Hence, being a roaming entertainer, you might need to always taking care the surrounding environment while you doing your job. That’s not easy, and it needs to spend more energy to pay some attention on it.

I would say, not much caricaturist or silhouette artist willing to roam around to entertain the guests; because it was quiet difficult to handle the environment while you spent your energy and time in the drawing or cutting the silhouette, hence, it could be quiet tiresome; moreover, it could be reduced your quality of drawing or performance it you re not use to it.

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