Friday, June 27, 2008

I AM Free on This Friday

Hmm…today got no Friday’s booking for event, so I just stay at home a do some housekeeping. Can’t remember how long I didn’t clean and tidy my house but finally I did it today!
Bought some sushi from NTUC market at Ang Mo Kio HUB, and treat as my dinner with my favorite ASAHI Draft beer!

I realized that Asahi draft was perfect drink the match with that Sushi or Japanese food. If you just purely dring Asahi beer, you will just felt it just a beer, but if you eat few pieces of sushi (must go with Japanese Kikoman Soy sauce) and drink this beer, you will immediately found the big different of this beer!

No wonder some food magazine was advice different food should go with different beverage. Life was very interesting! Heehee!

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