Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Opening a new Portrait + Caricature Shop at FAR EAST PLAZA

I had been asked many times recently by a very enthusiastic friend that just back from Tokyo to became one of his partner for his portrait + caricature chain shop in one of his branch at FAR EAST PLAZA!

I wondering are you sure this industry really so good? Because every artists have their own style, no way to cover by other artist, because art piece was very unique thing, can’t get other people to draw for you and then you just sign your name, client could found that the artwork was not done by you! He keep mentioned that there’s a way……Ok, let me wait for his opinion to see what will happen and what I can do.

In my view, doing art was not easy in Singapore, because usually local people was more appreciate overseas artist’s art.

I ever heard one senior art event manager’s complaining: “Lots local artists was too stubborn, foreign artists was much creative and talented!”

I think, most artist here was emphasized their personal benefit, an I agreed the art was very personal thing, so it was not easy to form some sort of organization like like the state.

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