Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Event Artistes’ Rules and Regulations

As an entertainer, one of the basic golden rules you need to follow was you never allowed late for a show. In an event, if your performance needs certain times to setting up your stuffs, you may need to encounter that, plus at least 15mins to show your face to the organizer, the best should be 30mins earlier.

The other golden rules, you do not asking for food after your show in the event! Usually lots events having buffet lunch or dinner, to the event organizer, they only catered for their guests, and they always not inclusive the entertainers.

Unless the event organizer asking you to join them, else I would never take any foods from the buffet tables, because it was seriously lower down our entertainer’s image and giving bad image to out clients.

Recently I came across a client complaint a caricaturist Mr. R had taken their buffet without permission; some more eat before their guest arrived! And then I came across another complaint from client that there were 2 artists Mr. L and the daughter Ms L was aggressively asking for food or just go direct to take the food and asking for beer or wine without and permission during the event running!

There was another guy Mr. D, after eating the food, sometimes he even asks the waiter to pack some food in the boxes or plastics bag for him to bring home! That was really terrible! Other than them, there were few more artists and entertainers were aggressively asking for food during the event and yet complained by the event organizers.

For some particular client, they will blaming the event company and deduct their pay! Eating the food catered by the event organizer was strictly prohibited in my view except they invited you.

Everybody like food and beer or wine, but as a professional, do not spoilt your own image, so usually I ate earlier before I go for my work; the most I only asking for soft drink during the event.

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