Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just for fun

When I checking the pimple on my forehead today, suddenly I got an idea!
I found that few special peoples I known, was having unique forehead and hair style, so I just try to put in some rank and just for some fun!

Hmmmm..seems the pimples on my forehead became the “ideas pop-up from my brain” haahaa! And didn't know this time I anyhow draw also looks like the person being drawn! Hia Hia!

This guy, is the best, he definitely belonging rank 1 !!!

This guy work extremely hard recent months, he jumped to Rank 2 !!!

This guy should be in Rank 3!!!

Of course I should be the next….
OUCH!!! Oh! No! Didn't know he is the next...

And following by these guys!

….oucchi! Am I belonging to rank 99999? Haahaa!

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