Monday, May 2, 2011

Live Caricature for Event

I do live caricature for event since 1990, our event booking and rate was based on hourly basis, hence we should be produce as many drawing within each hour's booking.My favorite medium for my caricature job was using wax pen or we called "China Graph" which belonging to crayon material.You can see my pencil box always having so many drawing pens, this is because I usually like to produce as many drawings within every hours' booking, which I need not do any shading of my drawing pens, hence I can produce about 20-25 drawings within an hour.

There are many caricaturists in the market using marker to do the drawing; I think nothing about good or bad, it depend on the how good the and how fast the drawing to be produce within the booking hours.

I would like to say, the technique in live drawing was very different from drawing in the studio.

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