Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Morning Scene of Clarke Quay

Yesterday morning passing by Clarke Quay to Audio House looking for some electrical stuffs, suddenly inspired by the morning quiet scene of Clarke Quay, I decided take some pictures. I found a different feeling about “the crowded and busy place that which in its resting time” and how does it looks like?
I decided to put this series pictures here instead in my another blog, because Clarke Quay is a hotspot of entertaining place which suit the content here.Mama’s Caribbean Bar was having cute props!I like the color scheme, the chairs, the design and the display.Nice angle isn’t it? Heehee!A clinic at Clarke Quay? Nope, it was a bar and dining place!! It was crowded at its operation hours during evening.A dramatically look corridor.Hooters Bar!!"Kill Bill" movie scene? Nope!It is "Forbiden City", a pub and dining place which is "Indochine"! A very dramatically design and setting.

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