Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A1 size Caricature

Did a caricature based on the order in A1 size. I seldom draw a single person caricature in such a big size but I did drawn figure drawing in A1 or slightly bigger. Some people believed caricature drawing must done in marker pen, to me it doesn’t matter, as long as I complete the artwork which tried my best effort. My favorite media was crayon pencils, charcoal, chalk pastels. Any wet based color media was no so easy for my, unless I really have the mood to do it in a really free and long undisturbed time, but seems I hardly having such time presently. Haa haa!In United States having lots best caricaturist, US is a very big country, Singapore is a very small country compared to it, hence the market was very small, moreover, there was limited space for the development of caricature drawing. I do caricature drawing besides my hobby, for surviving as well, in my experiences, most of the client preferred looks like type, they cannot accept those drawing that pull their face in a real caricature like what we seen on the newspapers or magazines; these was the majority demands.

My competitors keep comment to their clients that my caricature was portrait instead of caricature, yet when they did the drawing for their clients; it was still in a portrait based! When there was small market, when more and more people came to join this trait, lost people will trying to talk bad behind each other, too bad! Some new comer claimed that they are the longest caricaturist in this industry, I just let them be. Because I believed everyone got their own style, they should challenge themselves instead of just to win. A real artist doing art is to make his/her art better and better in a higher level, those who doing art because just wanted to win, is a worker that just doing painting but do not understand art at all.

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dailyphotographer said...

hi thanks for visiting my site. great drawing great qork, keep it up!

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