Monday, October 20, 2008

Mingling Caricaturist

As an entertainer, as a caricaturist, the best working nature is you can sit at one place to do the drawing, but sometimes due to certain events, you may required to mingling around, hence you need to prepared a board and related stuffs even the event booking is not indicated mingling or roaming around is necessary.

Thought for party events, children’s party could be very easy to do, and could be the most difficult to do as well; depend what kinds of the cute, young and little guests you meet. I had been came across many times that during the whole children parties that all the children was running around the place, I have to chase them or draw them from a very far distance, especially those young children who fears to sit in front the person they didn’t know. That is one of the very challenging part doing children party.
The booking in the Pub or KTV, you may need to consider bring a small lighting equipment by yourself due the dim lighting or the blinking of the lighting at your working station, but if you are doing a mingling? You may need to use some special skills to solve this problem, it depend on your experiences.

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