Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roaming Around Caricaturist

Did caricature in a roaming or mingling around style just like the magician for Singapore Polo Club’s event. The guests were very nice and happy attending and enjoy the event very much.As a caricaturist in the event, you are part of the events entertainer, you belonging to the team of the event force during the working hour, so you need to know how and when not too ‘shinny’ while your other colleague’s like the magicians or any other artists roaming around as well.

There are some basic rules need to be follow for example while the magician entertaining the guest, you could not draw the same group of guests at the same time.

When more and more guests arrived, your moving space could be smaller and smaller, and the waiter / waitress could be busy passing by to deliver the foods and drinks, sometimes you may need to give way for them to pass by in between the space of the guest and you while you are drawing; more of other distortions like the light could be shut down in a sudden for an musical opening or related special effect activities.

So you need to put a little more afford on that while doing a roaming / mingling caricature or shadow cutting or magics.

Talented, sexy and beautiful Francesca was performing her ‘fire dancing’!It seems the fire dance was very interesting and attractive! Hm…maybe I should try ‘Fire Caricature’ as well? …..Will try it in my neighbor’s house first! Hee hee!
Beautiful and sexy guest Saee!

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