Friday, October 3, 2008

Funny Comment

Did an event, displayed this 2 samples, there was an auntie came to me and comment: “Your Steve Job totally doesn’t looks like Steve Job, and you Tiger Wood totally no resemblance at all!” Haahaa!I was wondering how come she can tell I was drawn them? The above drawing should be Bill Gate and Warren Buffet you know!

You don’t laugh at me ok, when the time you met this type of guess, you will experience how they comment about your works.

Art was very subjective, some people might had been other country and drawn by other artist, they use it to compare to our works and giving bad comment.

You can say my drawing wasn’t a caricature at all, as per the way of present of the art is no limit, I would call it this is ‘Welles Art’, not arrogant, but seriously I not good at copying other people’s style la, moreover, I am slow pace type of person in the improvement of my art la, haahaa!

Yup, above was my 'draw fast but totally doesn't looks alike, not event having resemblance' drawing. Heehee!


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