Saturday, October 25, 2008

Caricature at M Hotel for Informatic’s Event

Whenever I have an event at The M Hotel, it sure will fall in a rainy day, but yesterday when I do the event there, the weather just nice and no rain! Haahaa!With the welcome bull and none rainy day here, seem my luck will be getting better and better in this bear market! Heehee!Anson Road, which was M hotel located at, had lots building under renovation or building up.Super cool motorcycle! The cyclist was real proud of his cool bike!This is my seat! Ou can see how powerful I am while I sit with this powerful unleashing background! Hia hia hia!Ivan and Lily’s airbrush tattoo setting is the most powerful as well! Forever coolest!Palmist Master Khor’s powerful ‘Ru Lai Shen Zhang’ display!!!Powerful event! Powerful day!
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